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ashford knitters loom with warp
Ashford Weaving Looms
ashford weaving accessories for rigid heddle looms
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 8/2 cotton weaving yarn
8/2 Cotton
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kromski harp forte rigid heddle loom
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kromski heddle reeds for rigid heddle loomKromski Accessories
8/2 bamboo weaving yarn
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Lerclerc floor looms
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Leclerc weavin accessories
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8/2 cottolin weaving yarn
8/2 Cottolin

weaving kit for floor loom
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Louet David 2 loom with warp
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cotton boucle weaving yarn
Cotton Boucle
mill end yarns on cones for weaving
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schacht ladybug spinning wheel
Schacht Weaving Looms
schacht weaving accessories
Schacht Weaving Accessories
3/2 uki perle cotton weaving yarn
3/2 UKI Cotton

Louet Loom Video
schacht-reeves spinning wheel
Schacht Looms

leclerc weaviing shuttles in four sizesWeaving Shuttles
maysville carpet warp
8/4 Cotton
Ashford Rigid
Heddle Video

harrisville floor loom

Harrisville Looms

schacht warping board
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linen weaving yarn
Linen & Linen Blends

We have the perfect weaving loom for you!

ashford rigid heddle loom

If you are a beginning weaver you might want to consider an inexpensive rigid heddle loom such as an Ashford or Kromski Rigid Heddle loom.

Looking for a lager loom? Then check out table loom like the folding Leclerc Voyager loom or the Louet Jane loom that both fold for easy transport or storage. For those weavers wanting a floor loom we sell Louet, Schacht and Leclerc floor looms. I am especially fond of the Louet Spring loom - super smooth treadling,  perfect warp tension and great wide shed. The Louet Spring loom is a countermarch loom. You may also want to check the Leclerc looms, such as a Leclerc Compact loom kit that will save you a bundle. Available as a 4 Harness or 8 Harness loom. And last, but not least you may want to check the popular Schacht looms, including the large Mighty Wolf loom, or the smaller Baby Wolf loom, that are made right here in the US. Both are jack looms and fold, yet are strong weaving looms.

Need help deciding what weaving loom to get?

We can help! Give us a call: 503-538-4741