Weaving Looms

Leclerc nilus countermarch loom

Want to buy a loom? There are many styles and brands of weaving looms on the market today. From a beginner friendly rigid heddle loom, to table looms, floor looms or computer driven dobby looms for expert weavers or semi-pros.

Ask yourself: What is it that I want to do? How much space do I have available for my new loom? What do I want to weave? Scarves, runners, dishtowels, rugs or maybe all of the above? Which loom fits my budget?  Looms are sorted here by brand. See more information on how to select a loom on our Weaving FAQs page and below...

Ashford Looms

ashford knitters loom ashford rigid heddle loom ashford sample it loom ashford table loom

Ashford  Knitters Loom

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

Ashford SampleIt Loom

Ashford Table Loom

ashford inkle looms ashford tapestry loom ashford katie loom  

Ashford Inkle Loom

Ashford Tapestry Loom

Ashford Katie Loom


Kromski Looms

kromski harp forte loom      

Kromski Harp Forte Loom



Leclerc Looms

leclerc compact loom leclerc artisat loom leclerc nilus II loom leclerc weavebird loom

Leclerc Compact Loom

Leclerc Artisat Loom

Leclerc Nilus II Loom

Leclerc Weavebird Dobby Loom

leclerc voyager table loom leclerc dorothy table loom leclerc endrel inkle loom  

Leclerc Voyager Table Loom

Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom

Leclerc Cendrel Loom  

Louet Looms

louet david 2 loom louet spring loom with warp louet delta loom louet jane table loom

Louet David 2 Loom

Louet Spring Loom

Louet Delta Loom

Louet Jane Table Loom

louet octado dobby computer  loom louet megado dobby loom    

Louet Octado Dobby Loom

Louet Megado Dobby Loom


Schacht Looms

schacht baby wolf loom with warp schacht mighy wolf loom schacht wolf lt pup loom schacht table loom with stand

Schacht Baby Wolf

Schacht Mighty Wolf

Schacht Wolf Pup

Schacht Table Loom

schacht cricket loom schacht flip rigid heddle loom schacht tapestry loom with stand  

Schacht Cricket Loom

Schacht Flip Loom

Schacht Tapestry Loom


Harrisville Looms

harrisville floor loom harrisville t6 floor loom    

Harrisville 22/4 Loom

Harrisville 36/4 Loom


Selecting a Loom

For the new weaver

ashford rigid heddle loom detailNew Weavers want to jump right into weaving! Good for you! With a rigid heddle loom you can! These loom are easy to warp (set-up) and you will be weaving in no time. You can choose from different brands like Ashford, Kromski and Schacht and various weaving widths. Rigid Heddle looms can be used on a table. Most brands also offer a separate stand for your loom, allowing you to weave anywhere. Looms usually come with everything you need to start weaving including stick shuttles, clamps, threading hook and a reed. Starting at $130 or so.

The intermediate weaver

ashford table loomFour harnesses it is, or maybe eight? If you have explored weaving before, but want to go further or if you are taking a weaving class, these looms will be very tempting to you. Multi-harness looms allow for a finer weave structure, more tension on your warp and have either foot treadles (faster weaving) or levers (table loom models). Many manufacturers let you choose the size reed you would like with your loo, 10 and 12 being the most common. If you are not sure which reed to get, don't panic, you will probably want a variety of reeds anyhow, so you really can not make a mistake.
To weave on these looms you will be need a warping board or warping mill to measure the warp and a preferably at least one boat shuttle with several bobbins. You may also want a loom bench, which allows for a wider reach and a good weaving book or two (or DVD) Table looms start at several hundred dollars, floor looms start at under $1500.

The expert weaver

louet octado dobby loomYou know who you are. You know what you want and you have had several looms before. Weaving on a dobby loom allows for managing up to 32 shafts with one or two treadles. Electronic or mechanical interfaces combined with various weaving software and your computer or laptop, will read the draft and select the correct shaft for you.

Dobby looms from Louet and Leclerc will allow you to weave at a faster pace without having to make complicated tie-ups. These looms are for weavers with a good understanding of weaving and weave structures, semi-pros, handweaving shops and the expert hobbyist.

Floor Loom Diagram

You can familiarize yourself with the various loom parts below. We have used the Schacht Mighty Wolf loom as an example, but most looms are similar. This can come in handy when you are trying to understand the loom descriptions on the various pages. Happy Weaving!

floor loom diagram