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We are pleased to carry the full line of Louet weaving looms from Holland, including the popular Spring countermarch and the mighty multi shaft Megado dobby loom! Louet looms offer unique features such as the moving breast beam, perfect if you weave with fine or inelastic yarns, and the built-in raddle for easy front to back warping, helping you get a warp with better tension. Have a closer look or call us for help: 503-538-4741

Louet Table Looms

Louet Jane Table Loom

louet jane table loom in two sizes

Designed by a weaver for weavers, the Louet Jane table loom folds for easy transport. The Jane table loom comes standard with 8 Harnesses and an overhead beater that stays out of the way when throwing the shuttle. The beater can also be removed to easy threading. Like all Louet looms the Jane loom offers a great wide shed. The carry handle makes it easy to take the Louet Jane anywhere. (on the 15.5" Jane loom only).

The Louet Jane table loom is made of lacquered beech and has a built-in raddle at the castle (super convenient).

Louet Jane Details

Louet Floor Looms

Louet David 2 Loom - New Design

eight harness Louet david 2 loom with bench

The Louet David 2 now has a newly designed beater that features a shuttle race and a wider shed.

The Louet David is a compact floor loom that takes less floor space, but still has many of the same features of a large floor loom. The “David loom” uses an ingenious but simple to understand system of springs and pulleys, which produces a generous wide shed with remarkably light treadling. The Louet David floor loom has a built-in raddle (super easy to use) and tool shelf on top of the castle. It comes standard with eight harnesses and ten treadles.

Louet David 2 Details

Louet Spring Loom, 35", 8 or 12 Harness

louet spring weaving loom with weaving bench

My favorite loom! The Louet Spring loom is one of the most innovative cleverly designed floor looms on the market today. It uses the Parallel Countermarch System. What does that mean? For one, easy treadling, perfect tension and super wide shed! Read more about the advantages of a Louet Spring Countermarch loom further down the page or on our facebook page, because, yes, I have one and love it!
An exclusive feature of the Louet Spring loom is the patented moving breast beam controlled by springs. The moving breast beam allows for exactly the same warp tension each time the warp is advanced.

Louet Spring Loom Details

Louet Delta 110 43" Floor Loom

louet delta loom

The Louet Delta loom is a modern parallel counter march loom based on the Hollandia (which it replaces) and the very successful Spring. The Delta is easily recognizable as the head of the Louet line of floor looms. It is comfortable, robust and technologically advanced, but above all a weaver's loom. Warp tension can be adjusted by fine increments to insure the tension is just the way you want it. The floating breast beam insures tension is returned to exactly the same tension as you had before you advanced the cloth.

Louet Delta Loom Details

Louet Octado Dobby Loom

louet Octado loomThe Louet Octado loom is another great dobby weaving loom from Louet. The 8 Harness Octado has only one treadle and works with a dobby mechanism (you will have to purchase this separately), so even complicated pattern weaving is easy!

A dobby mechanism (programmable shaft selector) is an alternative for the tie-ups to the treadles on a standard hand weaving loom.

Louet Octado Loom Details



Louet Megado Dobby Loom 

Louet Megado loomThis innovative dobby loom is the flagship of the Louet family! The Louet Megado dobby loom is simple, easy to operate, and robust enough to handle all your projects. The Louet Megado allows for complex weaves without complex treadling or tie-ups. The Louet Megado features a wide shed, built-in raddle, cloth protector- built into the cloth beam, and a floating breast beam that gives you the same tension every time you advance the cloth.

To create a shed, Louet invented a new system. The selected shafts and the back beam move in conjunction to create a countermarch shed. The lifting mechanism is incredibly light to operate, even when lifting most of the shafts.

Louet Megado Loom Details

Technical Information for Louet Looms

The Parallel Countermarch System

Louet Weaving Floor Looms with parallel countermarch

This is featured on Louet Spring, Delta, Octado and Megado looms. It is great for lifting multiple harnesses and makes treadling easier than on a jack loom.

Sounds complicated, but is easy! This is how it works :In a countermarch loom, every harness is actively involved in each shed so that each harness is either lifted or pulled down by each treadle. The diagram helps you to understand how the Louet parallel countermarch system works. Each harness and corresponding lams are attached to the cord, running over the six rollers. The ends of the cord are connected, so the cord is a closed circuit. When treadle A is pressed down, lam C moves the outside cord downwards. The inside cord moves in the opposite direction and pulls harness F upwards, as indicated by the arrows. When B is treadled down, lam D pulls the inside cord and also the harness downwards. In their action, the lams and the harnesses always stay horizontal. This means that all treadles work the same over the full width of the loom. Uneven sheds, for example like a satin weave shed, where four harnesses are lifted and one is pulled down, open cleanly every time. The warp ends on the fifth harness do not tend to ride up as they often do with jack looms. When the shed is made, the same tension is applied to the raised ends as to the lower ones resulting in equal tension everywhere on the warp.

The Moving Breast Beam

Perfect warp tension every time!

Love this feature! No more guess-work when advancing the warp and gentle on delicate yarns (fine silk threads) or inelastic yarns like linen, while giving you maximum tension.
The moving breast beam allows the harnesses to move easier in their opposite directions. Looking at the diagram that shows the loom from the side, you will see that a shed Louet moving breast beam for countermarch weaving loomgives the warp a kind of parallelogram shape. If you imagine that the warp is inelastic (like metal wire or linen), you will understand that making a shed is only possible if the distance between the breast beam G and the back beam H is reduced. When this distance is fixed, like on other looms, the opening of the shed depends completely on the elasticity of the warp. When the shed opens, the tension on the yarn increases enormously, in case of a less elastic warp. That causes heavy treadling and may damage the warp. However, Louet designed a moving breast beam that is attached with arms to the loom. At the bottom side the arms are held by adjustable springs, to give the warp the required tension. When the shed is made, the arms move and the tension on the warp hardly increases. Threading goes lighter and the warp will never be overstretched. A second advantage of this device is that the springs guarantee exactly the same warp tension, each time after advancing the fabric. The same vertical position of the arms, after advancing, determines the same tension on the warp again. The Louet Spring, Delta, Octado and Megado looms are equipped with this moving breast beam system.

Instructional Louet Weaving Videos

Learn more about the Louet Spring, Octado or Megado dobby loom by watching these videos that show you how to warp and weave on these looms