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Louet Jane Table Loom

louet jane table loom in two sizes

Designed by master weaver Jane Stafford for other weavers, the Louet Jane table loom folds for easy transport. The Jane loom comes standard with 8 Harnesses and an overhead beater that stays out of the way when throwing the shuttle. To make warping easy the beater can also be removed. Like all Louet looms the Jane offers a great wide shed. The carry handle makes it easy to take this table loom anywhere. (on the 15.5" Jane loom only).

The Louet Jane loom is made of lacquered beech and has a built-in raddle at the castle (super convenient for back to front warping). Strong metal ratchets allow for good strong warp tension, when other brands of table looms have only plastic ratchets.

The Louet Jane is offered in two weaving widths, 15.5” or 27.5”. Thislouet jane loom detail loom is truly lightweight and portable at only 23 lbs or 31 lbs. The Jane folds quickly to a height of only 5 ½”.  This weaving loom is partly assembled and comes complete with a 10 dent stainless steel reed, 200 (15.5" Jane) or 400 27.5" Jane) Texsolv heddles, tie-up and lease sticks and 16 warp sticks.

Shown folded and with optional stand above.

FREE Freight on all Louet Looms within the continental US.

Louet Jane 40 Table Loom 15.5 Inch   $1150.00


Louet Jane 70 Table Loom 27.5 Inch  $1470.00



Louet Jane Loom Stand

louet jane loom stand

Keep your Jane loom off the kitchen table and weave where YOU want to. Holes in the side of the stand allow you to move the front and back beam into the stand (a Louet innovation) just in case you want to weave a super long warp (20 yards anyone?). Other table looms can not hold such a long warp since the build-up on the cloth beam will not allow for a clean shed after a few yards. FREE Freight on all Louet Looms within the continental US.

Louet Jane 40 Table Loom Stand  $295.00


Louet Jane 70 Table Loom Stand  $365.00



Second Back Beam for Jane Looms

Second back beams allows you to use yarns with different fiber properties that need separate tensioning.

Jane 40 Second Back Beam  $205.00


Jane 70 Second Back Beam  $245.00



Louet Jane Loom Texsolv Heddles

You can always use extra heddles! Texsolv Heddles for Louet Jane loom, 8 inch, 205mm, pack of 100. These texsolv heddles also be used on Louet Kombo and Magiclouet texsolv heddles for jane loom looms.

Louet Jane Loom Texsolv Heddles  $24.95


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