Weaving Kits

Our Weaving Kits take the guesswork out of weaving. With the right amount of yarn, pretty color combinations and easy to follow instructions you will enjoy your loom all over again.

Caribbean Dish Towel Kit, for 4 Harness Loom

8-2 Cotton Weaving Kit

Check out this easy to weave dish towel kit! Each kit contains enough yarn for four large dishtowels 22" x 32" plus lots of extra warp and weft for sampling.  Weave with durable and high quality 8/2 Cotton weaving yarn above.

Hand woven dish towels also make great gifts too!

Requirements: You will need a four harness loom, 10 dent reed, minimum of 22 inch weaving width.


Caribbean Dish Towel Kit for 4 Harness Loom   $39.95



Cotton Boucle Dishtowel Kit, for 4 Harness Loom

weaving kit for cotton boucle yarn

Lovely Cotton Boucle dish towel kit reminiscent of the Hulda Klager Lilac Garden in Woodland, Washington. Colorful terry cloth squares in Periwinkle, Royal and Turquoise are framed by cheery yellow borders that add highlights and structure to this easy to weave kit.

Both the warp and weft are woven with Cotton Boucle yarn above.

Weaving instructions are written for four harness looms.

Sett 16 dpi, 8 dent reed, 22" weaving width. Kit makes four generous towels with plenty of warp for sampling.

Cotton Boucle Dishtowel Kit, For 4 Harness Loom   $69.95


Kromski Spring Kitchen Towel Kit, for Rigid Heddle Loom

dishtowel kit for rigid heddle loomFresh and fun this kit is easy to weave on your Kromski Rigid Heddle loom. Weave 2 kitchen towels measuring 19" x 31"each on your Kromski Rigid Heddle loom.

Kit includes yarn and Kromski instructions.

Equipment needed: Rigid heddle loom and a need a 12 dent reed.

Written specifically for the Kromski rigid heddle loom these towels can also be woven on any rigid heddle loom if you know how to put a striped warp on your loom.

$49.95  Quantity