8/2 Bamboo Yarnhandwoven bamboo scarf

bamboo weaving yarnNEW! You asked for ecofriendly bamboo weaving yarns, here they are! 8/2 bamboo yarn is made from a renewable resource, comfortable to wear since it is breathable and perfect for hand woven scarves and shawls or other garments.

This 8/2 yarn has a nice shimmer and drape that will bring out your weaving. Sett at about 24 dpi for twill. You can also use this yarn for weaving iridescent weave structures by choosing colors with the same saturation. Example: Magenta and Turquoise. 100% bamboo fibers.

1680 yards per 8oz tube. $13.95

8/2 bamboo yarn 8/2 bamboo yarn for weaving 8/2 bamboo weaving yarn 8 oz 8/2 weaving yarn for scarves 8/2 bamboo yarn brassard
Light Beige Latte Toffee Rose Sage
bamboo weaving yarn 8/2 bamboo weaving yarn in cayenne 8/2 bamboo yarn cone 8/2 bamboo
Red Cayenne Burgundy Bordeaux Magenta
8/2 bamboo weaving yarn cone 8/2 bamboo weaving yarn from brassard bamboo weaving yarn bamboo weaving yarn on cones yarn for weaving a scarf
Turquoise Royal Navy Periwinkle Light Grey
weaving yarn on cones 8/2 bamboo weaving yarn dyed 8/2 bamboo yarn 8/2 bamboo weaving yarn
Marigold Harvest Gold Cognac Black White/Natural
8/2 bamboo weaving yarn 8/2 bamboo weaving yarn      
Forest Kiwi      


$13.95 each 


8/2 Bamboo Scarf

8/2 bamboo yarn scarf

When we get new yarns in, I always like to try them to see how they perform. I am happy to report that I am hooked on this 8/2 bamboo yarn. It was very easy to weave with and even though I had quite a bit tension on it I had not a single warp thread or the floating salvage break.

Hard to capture in an image, but this hand woven bamboo scarf to the left has an iridescent quality to it. It just simply shimmers. This weavinghand woven bamboo scarf pattern is an 8 harness twill, but other twills will work just the same. Colors are Magenta and Turquoise.

Lengh of warp 6.5 yards, with in reed 8.5 inches, 7.5 after shrinkage. Set at 24 dpi, 12 dent reed. I used just one tube of each color and still have some left over.

Here's another idea for weaving a bamboo scarf: Bordeaux and Forest in an meandering Echo Weave pattern. A bit challenging to thread due to the long repeat, but with just one shuttle weaving is fairly easy. :-)

You can tell that this bamboo yarn is one of my favorites by the many projects I have woven with it. Here is another one. This is a 8 Harness huck lace pattern adapted to work for a wrap. Finish it off with a twisted fringe and a few beads and you are ready to go to that special event and you are sure to wow!

8/2 bamboo huck lace warp on loom


Happy Weaving, Bridget