Cotton Boucle Yarn

Cotton Boucle Weaving Yarn

This lovely unmercerized Cotton Boucle yarn comes in lots of colors. It is very versatile and will add lots of texture to your hand weaving projects. Use it as a warp or weft for super absorbent "thirsty" dishtowels or if you simply just want to add lots of texture to your weaving project. Also great for rep weave, hand woven scarves, garments, fun pillows or throws.

100% Cotton. Sett for plain weave is 12 to 16 dpi , for twill weaves 15 to 18 ends per inch.

8 ounces 750 yards $17.50  

cotton boucle yarn redcotton boucle weaving yarn cognaccotton boucle yarn deep redcotton boucle weaving yarncotton boucle weaving yarn magenta cotton boucle weaving yarn

         Red                 Cognac                 Wine             Raspberry              Fuchsia            Magenta

cotton boucle yarn purplecotton boucle weaving yarn in lavenderblack cotton boucle weaving yarncotton boucle on 8oz conescotton boucle yarn in royalcotton boucle yarn denim

         Purple              Lavender           Deep Navy           Navy                 Royal              Denim

cotton boucle yarn in periwinklecotton boucle yarn light bluecotton boucle yarn on conecotton boucle conescotton boucle yarn light greencotton boucle yarn light olive

        Periwinkle        Light Blue            Peacock           Turquoise           Pale Lime             Kiwi

cotton boucle forestcotton boucle yarn light goldcotton boucle yarn blackcotton boucle yarn beigenatural cotton boucle weaving yarncotton boucle yarn white

     Forest                 Yellow                Black                  Beige                   Natural            White

Cotton Boucle Dish Towel Kit

weaving kit for cotton boucle yarn

Lovely Cotton Boucle dish towel kit reminiscent of the Hulda Klager Lilac Garden in Woodland, Washington. Colorful terry cloth squares in Periwinkle, Royal and Turquoise are framed by cheery yellow borders that add highlights and structure to this easy to weave kit.

Both the warp and weft are woven with Cotton Boucle yarn above.

Weaving instructions are written for four harness looms. Sett 16 dpi, 8 dent reed, 22" weaving width. Kit makes four generous towels with plenty of warp for sampling.

$69.95    Quantity


coton boucle yarn detail

Cotton Boucle close-up: Add lots of texture to your weaving with our cotton boucle yarn!

The cones are wound pretty firm, but once your wind a warp with this yarn the texture really comes to light

I have also used this yarn also as a weft with our 8/2 cotton yarn as a warp, set at 24 dpi in a twill pattern and it made a nice heavy duty dishtowel. Bridget

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