8/2 Cottolin Yarn 

Large 8 Ounce Cones!

cottolin weaving yarn - cotton linen blend yarn

We found a supplier that offers Cottolin yarn at a great price and are passing the savings on to you! Larger cones  save you more money! ...so you can buy more...so you can weave more!!

This is a high quality Cottolin yarn with organic cotton and is perfect for heirloom quality dish towels, placemats table linens and more! This yarn is a blend of linen (flax) and organic cotton, so it is environmentally friendly. Can be used in combination with our 8/2 Cotton yarn.

8/2 Cottolin yarn, large 8 ounce cones 1710 yards per cone 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Linen.

Cottolin Weaving YarnsCottonlin yarn - for weaving and knittng Cottolin Weaving Yarn Cottolin yarn cottolin weaving yarn Cottolin yarn on cones
     Red             Wine            Brick           Rose           White         Black     

cottolin cottolin yarn8/2 cottolin yarncottolin yarnCottolin YarnsCottolin yarn cotton-linen blend yarn

       Yellow        Orange        Cognac     Pale Lime    Olive Green    Kiwi

Cottolin Yarn on conescottolin weaving yarncottolin yarn8/2 cottolin yarn8/2 Collolin weaving yarncottolin yarn is perfect for weaving

   Light Blue     Denim Blue  Deep Navy    Peacock       Magenta       Natural

 $15.95 each  Quantity   


LARGE 8 ounce Cones 1710 yards

8/2 Cottolin yarn   8 ounce cones 1710 yards per cone 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Linen. Did you know...that 22/2 cottolin and 8/2 cottolin are almost the same? They can be  substituted for each other in your weaving project.