Mill End Yarns 

Check out our selection of value Priced Mill End Yarns on cones! Mill End yarns are perfect for weaving, knitting and crocheting! All yarns featured here are available for a limited time only, so order what you need for your entire project. Save Big! Chances are we may not get these coned yarns back and once it's gone, it's gone. We will updating this mill ends page often, so check back and see what new and exciting Mill End yarns have come in!

Cotton Mill End Yarns

NEW! 3/2 Cotton Yarn 

We were able to secure this awesome deal for you! Popular 3/2 Cotton yarn in nine colors. Great for weaving or crocheting placemats, runners, rugs, bags, and and and...1260 yards per pound. Sett is 10-12 for tabby and 15 for twill

Each large cone is 1.1 pounds so you get about 1400 yards. Pay less, get more with mill end yarns. :-)

$16.95 each

cotton weaving yarncone of cotton weaving yarn3/2 cotton yarn on cone

        Beige                   Mahogany              Taupe
3/2 cotton yarn for weaving3/2 warp yarn for weaving3/2 cotton yarn
      Wild Rose                  Plum                   Slate
cotton weaving yarn cone3/2 cotton yarn cotton weaving yarn on cones
           Aqua                   Opal Blue             Sapphire Sold Out



NEW! 8/4 Cotton Multicolor Yarn8/4 cotton multicolor weaving yarn

Check out our new multicolor 8/4 cotton yarns. These yarns consist of four strands that have been plied for you to create unique subdued shades. Multicolor 8/4 yarns are difficult to come by, so when this one is gone, it's gone. 8/4 cotton is sometimes also called carpet warp and is a very versatile yarn.

One pound cones, 100% cotton, only $17.95

     8/4 cotton carpet warp cones 8/4 cotton weaving yarn 8/4 cotton weaving yarn

         Tiger Lily              Sienna                  Harvest

     8/4 cotton weaving yarn on cones 8/4 cotton carpet warp yarn 8/4 multicolor cotton weaving yarn

         Denim            Autumn                    Concord



10/2 Mercerized Cotton Yarn

10/2 cotton with a nice sheen. Mercerized cotton yarn is strong and smooth. 10/2 cotton has 4200 yards per pound. Because these cones are wound either a bit over or under 16 ounces (15.2oz, 16.8oz etc) they are deemed seconds. Their loss your gain. Sett is 24-28 for tabby and 30 or higher for twill. $19.95 each SALE $16.95 

10/2 mercerized cotton weaving yarn10/2 mercerized cotton yarn on cones10-2 mercerized cotton yarn10/2 mercerized cotton for weaving

    Light Blue     Sandstone     Wavecrest     Scarlet   



It's Back! Cotton Boucle Yarn

cotton boucle weaving yarncotton boucle yarn detail

It's back! We carried this popular Cotton Boucle yarn before and were able to get another shipment! This nicely textured cotton yarn would be perfect for anything that needs a bit of texture. Perfect for super absorbent dish towels too.

Takes dyes beautifully. Natural color only. 16oz, 1710 yards. Only $17.95

Please note that this Cotton Boucle Yarn is a little lighter in weight and  than our regular Cotton Boucle.


Cotton Boucle Natural 16oz Cone $17.95   Quantity



NEW Colors ! Wool Yarn Cones

20/2 Worsted Spun Wool Yarn - Special Purchase

These versatile, high quality fine 20/2 worsted spun wool yarns have become staples of commercial and recreational knitters, weavers, and others. Perfect for Estonian Haapsalu Shawls. Made from 100% wool, these yarns are perfect for weaving. As a worsted spun yarn, it is smoother than woolen spun yarns. They also won't full as much when washed/finished, so plan on a closer sett or tighter gauge (finish your swatch to determine if you like the finished piece). 20/2 wool, 8 ounce cone, 2800 yards per cone. Only $11.95 each

20/2 wool weaving yarn20/2 wool weaving yarn on cones20/2 wool weaving yarnwool weaving yarn on coneswool yarn on cones
       Aqua           Denim          Royal      Ming/Turquoise     Slate  
20/2 wool weaving yarn cone20/2 wool yarnworsted spun wool yarn20/2 wool yarn aqua20/2 worsted wool weaving yarn

     Latte          Chocolate         Black Forest    Olive          Emerald

wool yarn on conesfine lace weight yarnwool weaving yarnlace weight wool yarnwool weaving yarn for scarves

      Gold               Brick            Wine            Purple      Perwinkel


Rayon Yarns & Blend Yarns

Rayon Chenille Yarn SALE

We have made a special purchase and are passing the savings on to you! This scrumptious hard to find Rayon Chenille yarn is great for weaving, knitting or crocheting.

Perfect for super soft hand woven scarves, pillows, throws and so much more. Rayon Chenille yarn has a great drape, is elegant and a joy to work with. Six colors. Mink is a brown with an olive cast to it. 16oz, 1450 yards. Regular Price $34.95  Only $16.95 each. SALE $15.95

Please note: Straw into Gold is just a shade lighter than Dark Gold. If you weave these together you will not see a contrast but it will add depths to your weaving.

rayon chenille yarn cone  rayon chenille yarn on cones  rayon chenille weaving yarn    rayon chenille weaving yarn

     Chocolate              Dark Gold             Straw into Gold      Barley

rayon chenille yarn moss  rayon chenille weaving yarn cone   rayon chenille yarn on cones

   Eggplant Sold Out        Moss  Sold Out                Mink         Quantity 

All sales are final on Mill End yarns. NO returns, NO exception!