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Leclerc Compact 24"Loom Kit

The Leclerc Compact loom is a jack loom with a 24 inch weaving width. It is a light, but solid floor loom, and easily movableclerc compact weaving loom with warple with your weaving attached, since it has wheels that engage when the loom is folded.

The Compact is a great loom at a great price!

The Leclerc Compact is built as a 4 harness loom with room for 4 more (4 Now 4 Later) with six treadles for easy tie-up, and can be converted into an 8 shaft loom. Just add 4 shafts (and 4 treadles) later. This built-in option alone costs extra if you order other similar brand looms. Or choose the 8 harness version with with ten treadles, so you have all the pattern freedom now.

Leclerc has enhanced the Compact Loom  with a set of 4 wheels to make moving the loom easier. The wheels are mounted on the feet allowing the loom to be easily moved simply by folding up the loom. When all four legs of the loom are sitting on the floor, the wheels are raised off tleclerc compact loom foldedhe ground so that the loom will not roll when weaving.

Leclerc Floor looms arleclerc compact accessories and toolse shipped as kits. Assembly is simple with both written and video instructions included as well as the required tools.

Looms are made of selected, well-seasoned, kiln dried Canadian hard maple or birch, except for harness frames and a few parts that require lighter wood. Metal parts are aluminium dye cast, cast iron and steel protected by metal zinc plating.

The Leclerc Compact floor looms comes complete with all you need to get started:

A 12 dent steel reed, 600 10½" wire heddles (you can upgrade this loom to inserted eye heddle or texolv heddles bleclerc compact loom with harness detailelow), 1 Leclerc boat shuttle, 1 reed and heddle hook, 2 metal lease sticks, 2 beam sticks with cords, 2 metal warp rods and 4 wheels on back and front posts (another built-in option that other loom companies charge extra for), 10 loop cords for lashing, assembly instructions, assembly DVD and the book "Warp and Weave".  84 lbs. Solid maple construction, lacquer finish.

The Leclerc Compact loom to right shows the space available for additional harnesses. A nice feature to have!

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Extra Reeds for Leclerc Compact Loom Above

Stainless steel reeds for Leclerc Compact. 24" Weaving Width.

$66.95    Quantity

Leclerc Extra 4 Shaft Kit - Four Harness Extension Kit

Convert your existing four harness Leclerc Compact loom into an eight harness loom with this kit. The kit will add four additional shafts and four additional treadles to your loom

Leclerc Extra 4 Shaft Kit - Four Harness Extension Kit  $578.00


Leclerc Compact Double Back Beam- Second Back Beam

A second back beam allows you to weave yarns that require different amounts of tension, since each beam can be tensioned separately.

Leclerc Compact Double Back Beam - Second Back Beam  $305.00


Leclerc Adjustable Height Loom Bench

Leclerc Loom Bench

This Leclerc Bench is recommended for the Leclerc Compact, the Artisat and the Minerva as well as table looms on stands. Adjustable height from 21" to 25". Seat Length 24". Canadian Maple Construction with clear lacquer finish.

Leclerc Adjustable Height Loom Bench  $255.00


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