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Spinning Wheels are available in many different styles and brands. Generally there are the Saxony Style spinning wheels with their sloped bed, the Upright wheels, also called Castle style, and the Norwegian Style, with their typical double bench. As spinning wheel models were developed these styles have been modified and are somewhat blurred as double treadle and folding wheels and others are now available.

So welcome to the wonderful, diverse world of creating your own yarns! Whether you want to spin your own yarn for knitting or weaving, design fun art yarn, or just want to de-stress with the rhythmic treadling motion of a spinning wheel, you have come to the right place.

We carry many different bands of wheels for every lifestyle. Ask yourself; What yarn do I want to spin? Do I like fine soft fibers or do I want to spin crazy funky art yarns that require a large orifice? Should my wheel fold so I can take it with me or do I like the classic lines of a fairy tale spinning wheel?

Ashford Spinning Wheels

ashford joy 2 spinning wheel   ashford Kiwi 2 spinning wheel   ashford traveller spinning wheel   ashford country spinner 2 

         Ashford Joy 2            Ashford Kiwi 2           Ashford Traveller          Country Spinner 2

ashford Elizabeth 2 spinning wheel              ashford traditional spinning wheel              ashford electric spinner 2

     Ashford Elizabeth 2                 Ashford Traditional                  Ashford Electric  Spinner 2


Kromski Spinning Wheels

Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel     kromski sonata spinning wheel     kromski minstrel spinning wheel       kromski fantasia spinning wheel

Kromski Prelude                 Kromski Sonata          Kromski Minstrel         Kromski Fantasia

kromski polonaise spinning wheel  kromski symphonie spinning wheel   Kromski Interlude Spinning Wheel

          Kromski Polonaise                    Kromski Symphony                  Kromski Interlude

Louet Spinning Wheels

Louet Victoria spinning wheel louet julia spinning wheel   louet olivia spinning wheellouet S10 spinning wheel  

   Louet Victoria               Louet Julia                            Louet Olivia                   Louet S10       

louet S17 spinning wheel

Louet S17 Spinning Wheel

Majacraft Spinning Wheels

       Majacraft Little Gem Spinning Wheel          Majacraft Pioneer spinning wheel        majacraft rose spinning wheel    majacraft aura spinning wheel

      Majacraft Little Gem          Majacraft Pioneer              Majacraft Rose              Majacraft Aura      

         majacarft suzie spinning wheel     majacraft Suzie Pro spinning wheel

          Majacraft Suzie    Majacraft Suzie Pro

Schacht Spinning Wheels

schacht matchless spinning wheelschacht ladybug spinning wheelschacht sidekick spinning wheelSchacht-Reeves spinning wheel in ashSchacht-Reeves spinning wheel

           Matchless          Ladybug                  Sidekick                 30 & 24" Schacht Reeves

Not sure which Spinning Wheel to choose?

We know it may be confusing and have many spinning wheels here at our store for you to try. Stop by and spin on one (or a few) to find out which wheel you like and which one you love! Can't make it to the store? Give us a call, we can help: 503-538-4741


Spinning Wheel Diagram

spinning wheel diagramA - Drive Wheel

B - Drive Belt

C - Flyer

D - Mother of All

E - Front Bearing

F - Tension Screw

G - Treadle

H - Footman

I - Footman Connector

J - Treadle Bar

K - Sloped Bed

D - Distaff

Please keep in mind that above diagram is for reference only. Spinning Wheel types vary, so some wheel may not have all parts shown in this diagram, but will still spin yarn without them.


My Spinning Wheel Journey

Over twenty years ago when I started to spin yarn, choosing a wheel was easy, there simply was not that much to choose from. In fact my husband made the choice for me, trying to surprise me and not knowing a thing about spinning wheels. The choices in the local shop were limited to the Ashford Traveller and Ashford Traditional, so he chose the later one for me and surprised me with my first spinning wheel.

Oh! My! God!

I had long "thought about" getting a spinning wheel, but then, having a huge box plopped in front of me, I was happy, confused and mostly scared that I would not be able to figure out how to spin. I had never really seen a spinning wheel up close, did not have any friends who spun yarn and had to "learn" even basic things like that drive wheel turns clock-wise when spinning, treadling evenly, drafting fibers etc.

That day was the beginning of a long time love affair with spinning, yarn and of course fibers. Not only have I fallen completely in love with the soothing rhythm of the spinning wheel, but also built our own spinning and weaving online business and local shop in Oregon from the ground up. With over a decade in business I still get excited when new spinning fibers and rovings come in and new spinning wheel models are introduced.

So, now YOU are ready to jump into the world of spinning! My advice to you: just do it, all else will come and above all just have fun! I know I am....