Spinning Wheels

Generally there are four styles to choose from, the "upright" castle style wheel, the "horizontal" Saxony style, the Norwegian style (with a flat bench) and the modern style, for example an electric spinner. All are being produced today by a number of different manufacturers and are available in a variety of models. For more information or help on choosing a spinning wheel see below or give us a call: 503-538-4741

Ashford Spinning Wheels

ashford joy 2 spinning wheel   ashford Kiwi 2 spinning wheel   ashford traveller spinning wheel   ashford country spinner 2 

        Joy 2                 Kiwi           Traveller     Country Spinner 2

ashford Elizabeth 2 spinning wheel      ashford traditional spinning wheel     ashford electric spinner 2

     Elizabeth 2      Traditional      Electric  Spinner 2


Kromski Spinning Wheels

Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel   kromski sonata spinning wheel     kromski minstrel spinning wheel       kromski fantasia spinning wheel

    Prelude                Sonata             Minstrel            Fantasia

kromski polonaise spinning wheel  kromski symphonie spinning wheel   Kromski Interlude Spinning Wheel

Kromski Polonaise   Kromski Symphony  Kromski Interlude

Louet Spinning Wheels

Louet Victoria spinning wheel louet julia spinning wheel   louet S10 spinning wheel   louet S17 spinning wheel

 Louet Victoria     Louet Julia           Louet S10        Louet S17

Majacraft Spinning Wheels

Majacraft Little Gem Spinning WheelMajacraft Pioneer spinning wheelmajacraft rose spinning wheelmajacraft aura spinning wheelmajacarft suzie spinning wheel

 Little Gem        Pioneer          Rose              Aura             Suzie


Schacht Spinning Wheels

schacht matchless spinning wheelschacht ladybug spinning wheelschacht sidekick spinning wheelSchacht-Reeves spinning wheel in ashSchacht-Reeves spinning wheel

 Matchless      Ladybug        Sidekick       30 & 24" Schacht-Reeves


How to choose a Spinning Wheel

You may have tried a friends wheel before, used a drop spindle or are a "brand new" spinner ready to get started.

Either way, you are in for a treat! Today's spinning wheels offer a wide variety of choices and convenience. You can choose from basic no-frills styles, folding spinning wheels or large decorative Saxony style machines so you will be able to find one that is right for YOU.

Check out our How to Choose a Spinning Wheel tips!

We know it may be confusing and have many spinning wheels here at our store for you to try. Stop by and spin on one (or a few)of our wheels to find out which wheel you like and which one you love! Can't make it to the store? Give us a call, we can help: 503-538-4741