Schacht Weaving Accessories

Accessories For Schacht Baby & Mighty Wolf Loom

Schacht Baby Wolf and Wolf Pup High Castle Tray

loom with high castle tray

The Schacht Wolf Castle Tray provides handy storage for extra shuttles, bobbins, scissors, yarn and and and...It also offers a convenient place to mount the swivel pin of an extension lamp. The High Castle Tray lets the loom appear larger visually. Schacht Baby Wolf with high castle tray shown to left. Now also available for the Schacht Wolf Pup


Schacht Stroller for Baby Wolf or Mighty Wolf Looms

schacht stroller

Most Wolf aficionados find the Wolf Stroller an indispensable accessory. Whether you've got a Schacht Baby Wolf or Mighty Wolf, this Stroller makes moving your loom around easy. When installed on the loom, the wheels automatically engage when the loom is folded up, and disengage when the loom is opened

$123.95  Quantity

Schacht Baby or Mighty Wolf Loom Second Back Beam

schacht second back beam

Second back beams are sometimes also called double back beams. They are useful when weaving with yarns that have different fiber content or require different amounts of tension. Examples are seersucker, pique or supplementary warps. For Baby Wolf loom and Schacht Mighty Wolf loom. Please call us with the serial number of your loom if you are not ordering this item with a new loom.



Schacht Sectional Warp Beam Kit For Schacht Wolf Looms

sectional back beam

The Sectional warp beam kit is added easily to your existing back beam. It has two inch sections and changes your back beam to a 12 inch circumference.

The kit is easy to install and will allow you to still fold your Schacht Wolf loom to a depth of 20 inches. For Wolf Pup, Baby Wolf loom or Schacht Mighty Wolf loom.

Please call us with the serial number of your loom if you are not ordering this item with a new loom


Schacht Wolf Trap

wolf trap

The Schacht Trap can be mounted in front of the breast beam, providing you with a handy place to hold shuttles, bobbins and scissors.




Schacht Raddle for Wolf Pup, Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf Looms

schacht raddle

The Schacht raddle mounts on the back beam of your loom or the shuttle race of your beater and helps spread out your warp when you are winding on. The Schacht raddle comes with plated pins inserted every inch and with holes drilled every half inch. Extra pins are provided just in case you prefer the half inch spacing.

Schacht Wolf Pup, Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf Raddles come with special mounting brackets for the Wolf loom diagonal beams, as well as clamps for square beams or shuttle races. This is a must have weaving tool when warping your loom from back to front.




Accessories for Schacht Flip Loom

Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom Travel Bag

Convenient loom bag for the 15",20" and 25" Schacht Flip rigid heddle looms. Natural color with Schacht logo. Strong poly canvas with reflip loom baginforced stitching, carry handles and shoulder strap. Convenient inside and outside pockets. This unique expandable design lets you zip out the bag for the 20",25" and 30" Flip loom and zip in for the 15' loom.

Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom Travel Bag  $62.95



Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom Trap

trap for flip loom


The Schacht Trap for the Flip loom can be mounted in front of the breast beam, providing you with a handy place to hold shuttles, bobbins and scissors.




Reeds for Schacht Looms

Stainless steel reeds for Schacht floor and table looms. Plastic reeds for Schacht Flip and Schacht Cricket loom.

Reeds for Schacht Wolf Pup and Wolf Pup LT Loom $72.95


Reeds for Schacht Baby Wolf Loom $92.95


Reeds for Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom & 36" Standard Looms $130.95



Reeds for Schacht Table Loom

Schacht Stainless Steel Reeds for Table Looms





Reeds for Schacht Rigid Heddle Looms

Reeds for Schacht Flip Loom

Choose from four sizes of reeds:15, 20, 25 and 30 inch weaving widths.






Variable Dent Reeds for Schacht Cricket and Flip Loom

Variable dent reed

Variable dent reeds allow you to mix and match the yarns you use on your Schacht Cricket and Flip looms. An assortment of rigid heddle reed sections in a variety of dents can be inserted into this special frame for different setts in the same reed.
The Variable Reed is a great tool for creating different densities in fabric, using thick and thin yarns in the warp or sampling your favorite fibers. Each section is about 2.5 inches in width.

For 10 inch Cricket Loom,       includes 2-5 dent, 2-8 dent, 2-10 dent, 2-12 dent sections
For 15 inch Cricket/Flip Loom, includes 4-5 dent, 4-8 dent, 3-10 dent, 3-12 dent sections 
For 20 inch Cricket/Flip Loom, includes 6-5 dent, 4-8 dent, 4-10 dent, 4-12 dent sections 
For 25 inch Cricket/Flip Loom, includes 8-5 dent, 8-8 dent, 5-10 dent, 5-12 dent sections  
For 30 inch Cricket/Flip Loom, includes 9-5 dent, 9-8 dent, 6-10 dent, 6-12 dent sections 


Reeds for Schacht Cricket Loom

For Schacht 10 Inch Cricket Loom Rigid Heddle Loom  $32.95


For Schacht 15 Inch Cricket Loom Rigid Heddle Loom  $42.95


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