Maysville 8/4 Cotton Carpet Warp Yarn

Maysville carpet warp is classic cotton weaving yarn has stood the test of time. Don't let the name carpet warp8/4 maysville cotton carpet warp yarn mislead you, this 8/4 cotton weaving yarn can be used for so much more, not just warp. All dyed colors are colorfast and are perfect for weaving rag rugs, rep weave etc. Maysville 8/4 yarn is also great for rigid heddle projects and weaving inkle bands.

100% cotton, 8 ounce tube, 800 yards, sett at 10 to 15 dpi.   $9.95 each

maysville 8/4 yarn velvetcarpet warp yarnmaysville carpet warp tulip color8/4 cotton yarn for weavingmaysville cotton yarn for warp

        Velvet             Cranberry               Tulip                   Red              Pink

8/4 carpet warpcarpet warp yarn for rep weave8/4 cotton warp yarncarpet warp yarn8/4 rug warp

       Purple                  Royal                Navy            Colonial Blue          Forest

8-4 cotton rug warpdyed 8/4 carpet warp yarn8/4 maysville carpet warp yarnmaysville cotton rug warpcarpet warp weaving yarn for rep weave

          Duck          Colonial Green           Aqua             Dark Brown           Black

maysville carpet warpmarysville carpet warp bronze8-4 rug warp yarnmaysville carpet warp yarn8/4 rug warp yarn

       Yellow                 Bronze       Burnt Orange          White                Natural 
$9.95       Quantity


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