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Combed Wool Tops

Combing is a slightly different way of preparing fibers for spinning than carding. During the combing process the shorter fibers, noils, second cuts etc. are removed, leaving the remaining long fibers ready to spin. This is called a wool top and when spun make an even yarn, that will pill less, can withstand lots of wear and has a great stitch definition.


Blue Face Leicester Wool Top - BFL

Silky and soft, these long wool fibers of the Blue Faced Leicester wool top are a joy to spin. Choose from natural white, mixed shades. Mixed BFL is a 75/25 blend of the natural white and natural black Blue Face Leicester and the colors are slightly blended. Blue Faced Leicester wool top is also a favorite among dyers who use this shading when to their advantage. Spinners love the silky slippery feel of BFL wool top and appreciate the subtle sheen.

 blue face leicester wool top for spinning yarnBlue face Leicester wool    
         Natural White 8oz                      Mixed 8oz  
$18.95- 8oz     Quantity


Merino Wool Top - Natural Cream

Super soft Memerino wool top for spinning and feltingrino wool top from Ashland Bay at a great price! This fine Merino top from Great Britain will satisfy your craving for buttery soft wool fibers. It is rated as a 22 micron merino wool (merino 64), meaning that it is has fine fibers. Spin or felt it just the way you like it, or dye it in your favorite shades with our Jacquard Acid Dyes. Will make a soft multi purpose yarn. Value Priced!

$15.95- 8oz  Quantity

Fine Shetland Wool Top

Naturally colored Shetland wool top in five yummy colors. Soft and lofty, this wool fiber has a lot of loft and will spin up soft and fluffy. The light brown color is also often referred to a Moorit, and this shade is difficult to find in a natural wool fiber. These tops are certified wool from the windswept Shetland Islands and are the real deal. This wool comes from 700 individual crofters (small farms) that pool their wool clip together and ship to the mill to be sorted, scoured and processed. This small scale wool production has been in business for hundreds of years.

shetland wool top ecru  shetland wool top moorit 

            Ecru                         Moorit                 

$15.95 - 8oz      Quantity

Welsh Mountain Wool Top

welsh mountain top for spinning and feltingWelsh Mountain sheep are considered an endangered sheep breed and their wool is rare.

Welsh Mountain wool fiber is a coarse fiber that is great for rugs and tapestries. Easy to spin, medium to coarse fiber staple length. The dark brown is very dark, almost black with some white kemp fibers. The Welsh Mountain wool top in white has a few light grey/oatmeal colored kemp fibers in it.

8oz $14.95  Quantity

Targhee Wool Top

targhee wool fibers for spinning and felting

Targhee wool comes from one of Americas youngest sheep breeds. Developed in 1926 from crosses of Rambouillet, Columbia and Corriedale, the fibers of the Targhee wool top are very white in color ( I know it does not look like it in the image, sorry) and will take dye easily. The wool has a lot of loft and is easy to spin and draft. It is a great alternative to Merino wool top. Nice white coloration. 23 microns.

$15.95- 8oz  Quantity



 Masham Wool Top

masham wool sliver

This Masham wool top in a beautiful oatmeal color with a hint of grey. It is classified as a longwool and has a bit of lustre. The Masham sheep is produced by  crossing  a Teeswater or Wensleydale and Swaledale or Dalesbred. This wool over dyes beautifully and is a great choice for rugs or projects that need a more robust wool. The micron count is between 31-36.

Currently not available

Cheviot Wool Top

cheviot wool sliver

Cheviot wool top is a beautiful natural white color. The micron count is between 27-33. Cheviot is a main British wool breed. The wool top is open without being slippery making it an excellent wool for beginner spinners. The wool practically spins itself. The yarn produced from Cheviot wool is a pleasure to knit, crochet and weave with and a great value.

8oz   $10.95  Quantity


Gotland Wool Top

grey gotland wool top for spinning and feltingIt's back! Lovely grey wool top from Sweden. Nice hand and a favorite with spinners and felters. This breed was first established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings and has been popular for garments.


8oz $10.95    Quantity


Corriedale Cross Wool Top

Corriedale Crosswool for spinning and felting Wool fibers at a great price! Corriedale Cross is a medium grade wool sliver ideal for spinning, felting or dyeing. Just right for beginning spinners, outer garments, sweaters, socks, scarves.

This Wool Top is Value Priced to save you more!

$10.95- 8oz  Quantity

Light Grey Swalesdale Wool Top

swalesdale wool fiber

Swalesdale his is considered a rare wool top. Naturally colored, a very light grey/cream wool fiber with interesting white kemp fibers, it is quite coarse and great for  bags, slippers, woven rugs and everything that needs to withstand heavy wear. This will also can be spun into a perfect yarn for Navaho rug weaving.


$12.95  Quantity

Carded Wool Roving

Carded Corriedale Wool Sliver from Ashford

This premium quality 100% pure New Zealand wool sliver from Ashford will be one of your favorites. Grown on sheep farms in the South Island of New Zealand where sheep graze on large grassy paddocks. Great for beginning spinners since it is easy to draft and spin. This carded wool roving has lots of loft so your yarn will be soft and fluffy. Ashford Wool Sliver has a good length and is free from breaks. Choose from a Light Grey that is a bit variegated, Natural White or Dark Brown.  White/Natural is also great for dyeing. New Zealand.

light grey corriedale slivercorriedale wool topdark brown corriedale sliver for spinning and felting

               Light Grey                      Natural                   Dark Brown  

$18.95- 8oz     Quantity

Wool Blends

Merino-Silk Blend Cream/White

 merino wool and silk blend fibers

A dream to spin! Natural Cream Merino-Silk top is the perfect treat! Super soft 22 micron merino wool blended with shimmery bleached tussah silk. Watch the fibers glide through your hands!


Perfect to combine with the natural Merino-Silk top is the Merino-Silk Top from Ashford. Nice drape! 80% merino, 20% tussah silk. Great Britain.


Merino-Silk Top  



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