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Felting is fun! You can create felted scarves, bags, hats, animals, sculptures, wall hangings and and and...Choose your felting project and the right method, wet or needle felting and go. Felting is easy to do and you can jump right in. More info about felting below...

Ashford Needle Felting Starter Kit

ashford needle felting kit

This awesome kit is called a Needle Felting Starter Kit, but it is far more. This is a kit packed full with an fantastic array of fibers and a "REAL" book, not a small booklet. Here is everything you need to get started! The Ashford Needle Felting Starter Kit comes complete with the Ashford Book of Needle Felting, which will give you confidence to create your own unique and beautiful felted works of art. The book covers materials, equipment, techniques and provides all the pattern templates. The Ashford Needle Felting Kit also includes 4 types of felting needles, 15 colors of fibers for felting, foam block, wash-away fabric. This should have been named the Super Luxury Kit!

$69.95  Quantity     

Felting Needle Kit, Basic

felting needle kitLearn a new craft! Felting is easy and rewarding as well. Felting needles allow you to sculpt your work or add details that you can not obtain when felting with water and soap. Felting Needle Kit contains foam pad, four felting needles, and instructions on use and how to make a felted coaster. Fiber not included.


$12.95  Quantity     


Ashford Needle Felting Kits: Butterfly or Beagle

wool felting kits

Cute, cute cute! These Ashford Needle Felting kits let you felt easy and fast!  Create a cute mini Beagle or a set of three flirty butterfly pins. Both kits contain everything you need. The Butterflies kit comes complete with fiber, felting needle, felting pad and instructions to felt three Butterfly pins. The Beagle felting kit comes with fiber, wire and instruction and makes this adorable felted Beagle.

Beagle- $32.95 Butterfly- $34.95


Ashford Silk Merino Scarf Felting Kit

silk merino scarf kit from ashford 

Felt a luxurious Silk Merino Scarf! The Ashford Scarf Felting Kit is an easy wet felting project, perfect for a beginning felter or as a quick handmade gift or just to treat yourself. The Ashford Scarf Felting Kit comes complete with Silk Chiffon, Merino-Silk wool and instructions. All you need is a rolling pin and bubble wrap. The felted scarf to the left is shown in Black Currant or try the more subdued is Field of Rye. In all seven luscious colors to choose from! $23.95

Black Currant merino-silk fibermerino silk topmango merino silk topmerino-silk top field of ryemerino silk top from ashford handicrafts

Black Currant Pomegranate       Mango             Field of Rye    Woodland

 merino-silk topmerino-silk topmerino-silk top in spicemerino-silk topmerino-silk top              

Ocean                 Mulberry           Spice             Damson        Poppy Seed   

 Vanilla Not shown   $23.95 Quantity  

Additional  Merino-Silk Fibers can be found here!


Clover Needle Felting Moldsclover felting needle molds

Have fun!! Needle felt fun designs the easy way. Clover Needle Felting Molds give you the perfect shapes! Just stuff the molds with fibers and felt with a felting needle or small punch. You can't go wrong. Attach these cute embellishments to your favorite felt purse, bag or hat, embellish garments and much much more! Use Clover Needle Felting Molds with a single felting needle or Clover Pen Style Felting Needle Tool (below) Felting needle pad required. Choose from eight fun Clover designs! $6.95 each.

needle felting moldsfelt flowers Clover Felting MoldsClover Felting Molds

  Rose              Daisy              Pansy         Hedgehog

Clover Felting Molds   Clover Felting Molds  clover needle felting molds  felt butterfly

  Florets & Berries    Snow Crystals   Rabbit   Butterfly

$6.95 Quantity 

Clover Pen Style Felting Needle Tool

felting needle toolThe Pen Style Needle Felting Tool from Clover allows you to felt in small spaces such as felting molds or apply fine details onto your project, using one, two, or three needles. The tool can be adjusted to two length of needle sizes that can be used with the Clover Needle Felting Molds (sold separately) for creating 3-dimensional design and applique. The handle offers ease of use because of the "Pen Style" grip action. Easy replacement of thick and thin needles. Includes two felting needles.

$14.95 Quantity  

Clover Needle Felting Tool

clover needle felting tool

This Clover needle felting tool comes complete with 5 felting needles. The tool has a spring type action which allows the fibers to mesh with the base fabric. Ideal for attaching appliques to knits or felting larger areas quickly. For best results combine with a foam felting pad or the clover felting mat below.

$16.95   Quantity 

Ashford Felting Needle Punch

ashford felting needle punch

This is the Rolls Royce of felting punches! The wooden Ashford felting needle punch allows you to store felting needles securely inside the punch when not in use. A nice safety feature! Holds four felting needles. The Ashford Felting Needle Punch comes with four needles for the punch and one extra needle for detail work. Ready, set, felt!

$32.95   Quantity  


Ashford Student Needle Felting Punch

Ashford felting needle punchSame great shape as above, just a slightly smaller size, this value priced felting needle punch lets you store your felting needles securely inside when not in use. Clear, strong acrylic. Nice contoured handle. Three felting needles included.

$17.95  Quantity          

Felting Needle Punches from Colonial

needle felting toolCheck out this nicely contoured wooden "knob style" felting needle tools from Colonial. Includes 36 gauge felting needles. Comfortable contoured birch handle. Additional needles sold separately.

Six Needle Punch with three needles   $18.95

Twelve Needle Punch with six needles   $28.95  Quantity

Clover Felting Mat, Small

Clover Felting Molds

The Clover Felting Mat is especially designed to work in conjunction with the Clover Needle Felting tool to create applique. This technique allows you to place the applique over the base fabric and pierce lightly with the needle felting tool. The fibers will become interlaced, attaching the motif to the fabric. Perfect to be used with the Clover Needle Felting Molds above.

$10.95   Quantity  

Ashford Felting Sets

Large fiber pack with 14oz carded Corriedale wool Sliver in 12 colors. Perfect for needle felting, wet felting, spinning or other fiber crafts. 100% pure New Zealand wool.

Ashford Felting Pack 1: moss, navy, marigold, fir, eggplant, pumpkin, teal, lilac haze, nutmeg, sky blue, rose & berry.

Ashford Felting Pack 2: periwinkle, black, copper, camel, lima bean, chocolate, blue, green, magenta, orange, purple. Click on image to enlarge.

Ashford Felting Pack 3: turquoise, yellow, red, candy, indigo, lagoon, lime, lavender, pansy, raspberry, tangerine. Click on image to enlarge.

Ashford Felting Pack 4: Cherub, Ice, Mint, Cupcake, Sweet Pea, Honey, Butterschotch, Toffee, Olive, Cherry Red, Amethyst and Fern Green

ashford felting set corriedale wool    ashford carded corriedale sliver    ashford carded corriedale sliver

          Pack 1                    Pack2                   Pack 3                        Pack 4 ( No image)




Ashford Corriedale Sliver Fiber Packs

ashford corriedale wool sliver

Convenient seven color packs of Ashford's popular 30 micron Corriedale Sliver pre-packaged in 100gm bags. The Ashford Corriedale Sliver is made of 100% pure New Zealand wool. It is perfect for all your fiber crafts including needle felting, wet felting, spinning, blending and carding. There are 6 collections to choose from - Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Pastels and Furry Friend.

Summer - green tea, kiwifruit, bean sprout, lime, mint, spearmint, green

Autumn - scarlet, orange, purple, magenta, tangerine, chilli pepper, raspberry

Winter - white, bubblegum, indigo, lagoon, blueberry, lilac, blue

Spring - cupcake, candy floss, marshmallow, pansy, strawberry shortcake, grape jelly, lavender

Pastels - white, honey, mint, lavender, cupcake, ice, apricot

Furry Friends - white, grey, chocolate, butterscotch, toffee, cookie, liquorice

ashford corriedale wool sliver sample packashford corriedale wool sliverashford carded corriedale wool sliverashford corriedale sliver for feltingashford fiber sample packashford corriedale wool sliver color pack

         Spring             Summer                 Autumn               Winter               Pastels           Furry Friends



Felting Needle Replacement Packs


Replacement felting needles for your favorite felting needle tool or just hold these individually. Choose from five variety packs with four or three needles each. Fits all of the felting needle tools above. You can never have too many. Be safe: Felting needle are not toys and do not belong in the hands of children.


36 gauge triangular point coarse needles / 4 pack,  for coarse wools and deep penetration

$7.50   Quantity    

38 gauge triangular point all purpose needle / 4 pack, for all purpose

$ 7.50 Quantity  

  40 gauge triangular point fine needle / 4 pack, for fine details fine wools  

$ 7.50  Quantity  

38 gauge star point needle / 3 pack, for fast felting and fine details. Star point needles will felt slightly faster than standard triangular point needles.

$7.50 Quantity  

Assortment 4 pack   1-#36, 2-#38, 1-#40

$7.50 Quantity  


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Basic Felting Information

Felting with Felting Needles

felting needles

Felting needles will enable you to create felt without the use of water or detergent. I allows you to felt or “sculpt” your work, add fine details and let your imagination run free. It is the prefect way to explore your fiber fantasies and create, create, create!

How do Felting Needles work?

These little needles have been used for many years in the creation of commercial felt and are now being discovered by individual felters. A felting needle has small “barbs” or “burrs” on the shaft which, when it penetrates the wool catches the scales of the wool thus felting it. This “up and down” or “punch” motion creates friction and thus felts the wool.

What can I felt with a Felting Needle?

What can you not? Start out with a small project such as a coaster, a soap cover or a small critter. Then let your imagination run wild. You can create fine lacy scarves, fantasy figurines, toys, vests…

Felting with Soap and Water

Woolen fibers that are submerged in hot soapy water can be felted by rubbing and kneading. The friction plus heats opens the scales of the wool, allowing them to bond with each other permanently.

Felt is formed when sheep's' wool or animal fur is subjected to heat, moisture and pressure or agitation. Soap, or an alkaline environment, helps the felting process. Heat and moisture cause the outer scales along the fiber to open, and the soap allows the fibers to slide easily over one another thereby causing them to become entangled, thus producing felt.

 What Fibers do I need?

As a rule of thumb you will experience that a finer wool will felt faster, meaning that a merino will felt a lot faster than a Romney for example. So…does that mean I always want to use the finest fiber I can? No, not necessarily, a coarser fiber, even though it may take longer to felt has it’s advantages: the created felt will be thicker and will be able to withstand wear better, which may be of advantage of items that are being used a lot (slipper soles, coasters etc.) So, why don’t I just use real coarse fiber then for everything? Well, you could, but no one will love a scratchy coarse scarf no matter how much love you put into its creation.

So…the bottom line is: Your fiber choice depends on your project and may vary. Just make sure you do not purchase super wash fibers or else you will be tying to make felt for the longest.