Wool for Spinning and Felting

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Looking for wool for spinning and felting? We have over 100+ colors of dyed wool top, carded wool sliver and roving on this page. We also have natural wool fibers and unusual spinning fiber like bamboo and angora.

Combed Merino Wool Top

Merino Wool Top- Dyed Multicolor

We just love this multicolor wool! A joy to spin, these fine merino wool fibers are soft and perfect for treating yourself! Thia multi color merino wool top is perfect for spinning since it will help "hide" little spinning mistakes and will add interest to your spun yarn. Because this is a combed wool top, you only get the long fibers, all the short ones and the noils have been taken out so it will be easier for you to spin an even yarn that will wear great and pill less than a yarn spun from carded wool roving. Watch the multicolor spinning fibers blend as you spin. You will want more than just one color. Great Britain. 

merino wool top merino wool from Ashland Baymerino wool fibermerino fiberred merino roving

       Rosequartz                Mojave                    Sage                 Baltic Blue          Cranberry 

colored merino wool topmerino slivermerino wool rovingmerino fiberswool fiber for spinning and felting

       Sandalwood        English Garden          Amethyst                Riverstone            Cabo

multicolor merino bermudamerino fibersmerino wool top fibermerino wool fiber for spinningmerino wool top

          Bermuda                Borealis                  Denim        Granada Discontinued         Vintage Rose

4oz $12.95, 8oz $21.95     Quantity

Corriedale Wool Top - Hand Dyed Wool

Treat yourself with these unique color ways! Choose from stunning blue-green color combinations, sizzling reds, enchanting vineyard and others.

Our hand dyed wool top is created small batches to ensure controlled dyeing. Be sure to order enough hand dyed wool for your project as colors will wary from batch to batch! Instructions how to use this variegated wool are included. Also great for felting! 

hand dyed fiber for spinning  handdyed corriedale fiber for spinning  hand dyed corriedale wool top 

                Ocean Breeze                                Autumn                                   Vineyard           

  hand dyed wool fibers for spinning yarn or felting  hand dyed corriedale fiber for spinning yarn or felting  hand dyed corriedale wool for spinning and felting

                Magenta Blaze                             Huckleberry                          Emerald Island

$13.95      Quantity

Carded Wool Roving

Ashford Felting Wool Sets

These four Felting Wool Sets from Ashford are perfect for spinning and felting if you want small amounts of wool roving in many colors. 14oz total of carded Corriedale Wool Sliver in 12 colors. $43.95

Set 1: moss, navy, marigold, fir, eggplant, pumpkin, teal, lilac haze, nutmeg, sky blue, rose & berry.  

Set 2: periwinkle, black, copper, camel, lima bean, chocolate, blue, green, magenta, orange, purple.

Set 3: turquoise, yellow, red, candy, indigo, lagoon, lime, lavender, lemon, pansy, raspberry, tangerine.

Set 4: Cherub, Ice, Mint, Cupcake, Sweet Pea, Honey, Butterscotch, Toffee, Olive, Cherry Red, Amethyst and Fern Green.

ashford felting set - wool rovingwool for feltingwool fibers for felting   ashford wool felting set

              Set 1                        Set 2                       Set 3                              Set 4
$45.95      Quantity

Ashford Wool Packs- Carded Corriedale Sliver

ashford corriedale wool sliver

Convenient seven color packs of Ashford's popular 30 micron Corriedale Sliver pre-packaged in 100gm bags. The Ashford Corriedale Sliver is made of 100% pure New Zealand wool. It is perfect for all your fiber crafts including needle felting, wet felting, spinning, blending and carding. There are 6 collections to choose from - Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Pastels and Furry Friend.

Summer - green tea, kiwifruit, bean sprout, lime, mint, spearmint, green

Autumn - scarlet, orange, purple, magenta, tangerine, chilli pepper, raspberry

Winter - white, bubblegum, indigo, lagoon, blueberry, lilac, blue

Spring - cupcake, candy floss, marshmallow, pansy, strawberry shortcake, grape jelly, lavender

Pastels - white, honey, mint, lavender, cupcake, ice, apricot

Furry Friends - white, grey, chocolate, butterscotch, toffee, cookie, liquorice

         Spring             Summer             Autumn               Winter               Pastels           Furry Friends

ashford wool pack for felting and spinningashford wool pack with carded corriedale sliverashford wool sliver for spinning and feltingashford spinning fiber wool packashford wool pack for spinningashford fiber pack for spinning and felting

$9.95          Quantity


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