Bamboo, Silk & Cotton

Dyed Bamboo Top 

This nicely dyed bamboo fiber (and white) can be spun by itself, blended with fine wools or plied into your yarn for nice color effects. And best of all, we have it at a a great price, so get it while you can! Bamboo top is easy to spin and very comfortable to wear even in warmer climates. Nice sheen and seven scrumptious shades to choose from, plus white. From $6.95

bamboo fibersDyed Bamboo Top for Spinninngbamboo rovingdyed bamboo fiberbamboo fiber for spinningbamboo fiber for spinningdyed bamboo fiber for spinningbamboo top

    Aegean      Malachite   Egyptian Red    Topaz       Espresso      Heliotrope       Black        White


Carbonized Bamboo Top

carbonized bamboo fiber for spinningAlso known as "Black Diamond", carbonized bamboo fiber is resistant to ultra violet rays and possesses anti-odor properties. It also adjusts well to both humidity and dryness. Carbonized bamboo fiber has a different matte finish than the other bamboo types we carry.

Carbonized bamboo fluffier than regular bamboo and your yarn will have more loft to it when spun. The natural gun metal grey color is mesmerizing. Blend it with your favorite grey or black wool for amazing results. Carbonized bamboo absorbs moisture, dries fast and lets you breath freely.

8oz - $13.95  16oz - $27.90   Quantity 

Angora Top

Yummy! Fluffy anangora top for spinningd so soft this combed Angora top for spinning is one of life's little luxuries. Almost white Angora top can be blended with merino or other fine fibers.

You will need only a little bit to give your garments a nice "halo". Start with 20 % angora top and blend with your fiber or go all out and spin by itself. Very fine and warm!! Treat yourself! Great Britain.


Cultivated Silk Top

This fine, lustrous, whicultivated silk topte Cultivated silk top is sure to please. The silk top is a very white, high quality fiber that is a pleasure to spin. The silk is finer than tussah silk below since the silk worms that produce this fiber are fed only Mulberry leaves, thus producing a finer, whiter silk. Great for dying too. The ultimate in spinning fiber. Treat yourself! Great Britain

4oz   $18.95  Quantity 

Bleached Tussah Silk Top

Nice cream colored tbleached tussah silk top for spinningop. This bleached Tussah silk top for spinning  has a nice luster and hand. Bleached tussah silk is also great for dyeing. Use acid dyes you normally would use for wool fibers. Result: Lots of brilliant colors and high sheen! It is not quite as fine as cultivated silk, but a treat to spin none the less. One of my favorites! Great Britain


4oz  $13.95   Quantity 


Cinnamon Dyed Tussah Sliver

dyed tussah silkThis carded silk sliver, or silk roving, as it is sometimes called, is easy to spin. Dyed in a yummy cinnamon color, you will love this unusual silk. Because this Tussah Silk is carded, it contains tiny noils that will give your yarn a subtle texture and nice hand.

2oz  $8.95 





Silk Noils

silk noilSpin these silk noils by the hand full, card it with other fine fibers or ply for textured effects. Silk noil is an inexpensive alternative if you would like to explore silk on a budget.

The nubby texture of the spun yarn is fun for summer garments, or unique yarn. You can also card the silk noils and add it to other fine fibers. Experiment! Great Britain

4oz  $6.95  Quantity


Camel Down

Super soft and fluffy! This is how I would describe this beautiful camel down fiber. Silky hand camel down fiber for spinning yarnand nice red-brown color.
Spin by the hand full, or blend with other fine fibers such as merino or silk. You have to get more than just one! Yummy!

2oz  $9.95 SALE $7.95    Quantity


NEW! Learn to Spin Cotton Kit

Dive into the world of cotcotton with drop spindleton and learn about this ancient fiber. This Learn to spin Cotton Kit includes everything you need to get started: a Brass Tahkli support spindle, a variety of cotton for you to spin, such as pima, ginned cotton and punis. Complete with easy to follow instructions. Makes a great gift too!

Price $38.95



NEW! Hemp Top

Hemp top for SpinningTry something new! Hemp, a plant fiber, has been used for thousands of years. Hemp fiber spins similar to flax, no distaff needed, and is very absorbent. Nice light beige honey color.

Hemp Top  8oz  $14.95 



Merino 80s Tencel Top

Treat yourself! 50% superfine merino combined with 50% Tencel for shine. The combination of the soft cream colored merino with the shiny, absorbent and moisture controlling Tencel top makes this special. This fiber has a beautiful sheen and drape!! Natural white.

8oz - $19.95       16oz - $39.90



NEW! Tencel Top

viscose topTencel is a new age fiber that is ecofriendly and economical. Tencel absorbs moisture naturally. Because of the fiber structure Tencel creates an optimal skin climate that is especially evident in warmer climates. It has a nice sheen and drape and takes dye well. Use as a silk substitute, or spin by itself.

Tencel Top 8oz 
                           $13.95  Quantity  

NEW! Viscose Top

viscose topViscose is also called Rayon, and I'm betting that your favorite blouse is made of just that. Very similar to bamboo, viscose is a cellulose plant fiber that has been around for many years. It has a nice sheen and takes dye well. Use as a silk substitute (it used to be called artificial silk)blend with other fine wools for an matt and shiny effect yarn, or spin by itself. Enjoy.

Bright Viscose Top 8oz 
                           $11.95  Quantity  

Sparkling White Icicle Top

Try something new! Fun Sparkling Icicle top spinning fiber that will give your yarns a bit of spark! Blend Icicle top with your fibers or use by the Icicle Top Fiber for Spinninghand full for a bold statement. Sparkling Icicle fiber can be dyed with Jacquard Acid Dyes, just like wool. The fibers are often used for fly fishing flies as well. Nice texture and luster.100% Nylon

 4oz - $7.95 8oz - $15.90


NEW! Fake Cashmere Top

fake cashmereFake Cashmere top is white and makes a super soft and luscious yarn. Try this inexpensive, "faux cashmere" fiber. The fake cashmere top will add strength to you yarn without compromising softness. Attention sock knitters: add strength to your yarn without adding itch. Matt finish. 100% Nylon. Value Priced!

   4oz   $6.95  Quantity  


Nylon Firestar Top

  Firestar Top for SpinningFirestar Top for Spinning

Similar to the Icicle Top above but dyed in two charming multi color combinations. Stunning novelty fiber will add sparkle and pizzazz to your yarns! All you need is a small amount of this fun Firestar Nylon top to blend with your wool yarn. Or spin by itself for more bling! Easy to spin. Great Britain.


 Red Hot 4oz - $8.95 Tropic Melody 4oz - $8.95  


Angelina Fibers - Mylar

Check out this fun fiber! Add these to your batt during blending or when you spin to add interest and sparkle to your yarn! A little Angelina fiber goes a long way. This fiber is extremley fine Mylar that is not scratchy like a metallic would be. Blue Flash is a white fiber with sparkling blue highlights. Copper Fire is a true copper color. One oz each. Only $6.95

Mylar and Copper for Spinning  angelina fiber  angelina fiber for blending

     Blue Flash                  Magenta                   Lapis 

  angelina fibers for spinning  angelina fiber for blending  Mylar and Copper for Spinning

         Gold                    Silver                  Copper Fire