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Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

ashford traditional spinning wheel single driveThe Ashford Traditional offers a lot of value, combined with great spinning capability. This popular single treadle Ashford spinning wheel is a classic and has been around for many years and for good reason. It is durable, (we often see 20+ old models come in for minor repairs) and has the traditional heel to toe treadling action that is soothing.

It has a classic saxony, yet contemporary style and is available as scotch tension or double drive. (The double drive spinning wheel includes the scotch tension option).

The Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel includes four bobbins, lazy kate that holds up to three bobbins, threading hook and instructions. Ratios: Single Drive: 6.5, 10, &17:1  Double Drive: 7.5, 10, & 14:1

ashford traditional double drive
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Single Drive Unfinished 615.00      Single Drive Lacquer Finish  $755.00 

Double Drive Unfinished  $650.00   Double Drive Lacquer Finish  $785.00 


Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel Special

Choose ONE FREEBIE with purchase!

Two Extra Bobbins and a Niddy Noddy to match your wheel
24 ounces of Dyed Merino wool top for spinning (sorry you can not pick color(s)
$50.00 online store credit, we will email you a code once your order has been processed


Learn to spin on an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel with Richard Ashford in New Zealand


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From personal experience...

The Ashford Traditional was my first spinning wheel and mine was the double drive version. Learning to spin with this wheel was very exciting. I really like the fact that this wheel has a true and time tested design. Now, years later, we often see older, well used and loved  Ashford Traditional spinning wheels come to our shop for repair. Most of them just need minor parts and then are ready again to spin for another decade to come. This, to me is a true sign of quality. Bridget :-)