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Looking for Ashford spinning wheel bobbins, lazy kates, niddy noddies or jumbo flyers? You have come to the right place! Check out the Ashford spinning wheel accessories below!

Regular Ashford Bobbins

ashford spinning wheel bobbinashford spinning wheel bobbins

You can never have too many bobbins! Extra Ashford spinning wheel bobbins the perfect accessory and are convenient when switching between two or more projects! From left to right: Ashford single drive, double drive. For Ashford Traveller, Elizabeth 2, Traditional or older Ashford Kiwi and Ashford Joy spinning wheels. Choose from lacquer finished or unfinished spinning wheel bobbins.


Single Drive Unfinished $12.95    Double Drive Unfinished $14.95

Single Drive Lacquer Finish $16.95 Double Drive Lacquer Finish $18.95



Jumbo Ashford Bobbins

ashford spinning wheel bobbinashford spinning wheel bobbinSpin lots of yarn or chunky fun art yarns. Great also for plying your singles. For ANY Ashford Jumbo Flyer (sliding hook flyer or older style flyer). These bobbins do not fit on regular Ashford spinning wheel flyers.

Shown from left to right: Ashford jumbo single drive bobbin, Ashford jumbo double drive bobbin



Jumbo Single Drive Unfinished $15.95 Jumbo Double Drive Unfinished $19.95

Single Drive Lacquer Finish $22.95 Double Drive Lacquer Finish $22.95



Ashford Bobbins for Sliding Hook Flyers

These new large sliding hook bobbins will fit the new standard sliding hook flyers from Ashford. They are larger than regular bobbin. If you have a new Ashford Joy, Joy 2 or Ashford Kiwi 2 spinning wheel, or are upgrading to a new Standard Ashford Sliding Hook Flyer, then you will need these bobbins. They are NOT jumbo bobbins. If you have a jumbo flyer (sliding hook or old style), please order the jumbo bobbins above.

Single Drive Unfinished $13.95       Double Drive Unfinished $15.95
Single Drive Lacquer Finish $19.95 Double Drive Lacquer Finish $21.95


Ashford Super Bobbins

ashford bobbin comparisonThese bobbins are huge! They will hold up to 500g of yarn, that is more than one pound so you can spin all the Art yarn you want! Only to be used with Ashford Super Flyer, see below. These are larger than the regular jumbo or siding hook bobbins.

Pre-order for mid August Delivery

Unfinished $27.95       Lacquer Finish $36.95



Country Spinner Ashford Bobbins

bobbin for ashford country spinnerThis is a huge bobbin! With about 12 inches in length you can spin Art yarns or chunky yarns to your heart's content. Made to fit either the Ashford Country Spinner or the Ashford Country Spinner 2. Holds up to 2 Lbs. of fiber or yarn.


$72.00  Quantity  




Ashford Flyer Kits

NEW! Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer

ashford kiwi super flyer kit

Spin huge, chunky art yarn to your heart's content. The Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer has a huge 27mm (1 1/3 in) orifice and has awesome new free-flow yarn guides on a sliding hook flyer.

The Kiwi Super Flyer is a kit that is and super easy to install on any Kiwi. The kit includes everything from the maiden bar up, so you onashford bobbin comparisonly need to undo one bolt when you want to swap between flyers.
The Kiwi Super Flyer comes complete with three super-size bobbins, lazy kate and drive belt. The new Kiwi Super Flyer will fit all Kiwi 2 and Kiwi spinning wheels.

Unfinished   $ 235.00 Lacquer Finish   $ 295.00        

The Joy Freedom Flyer

ashford freedom flyer for joy 2 spinning wheelSliding Hook Jumbo Flyer for Joy Spinning Wheel This fantastic new flyer gives you the freedom to spin your Wild Carder batts into fabulous, fun and funky art yarns on your Joy or Joy 2 spinning wheel. With the enormous 25mm (1in) orifice and hooks you can spin and ply fibers, feathers, fabric, ribbons, cocoons and more. The open hooks make threading super fast and easy. The Ashford Freedom Flyer kit includes one single drive jumbo bobbin (more can be ordered above) and will fit all existing Joy spinning wheels. If you have a Joy spinning wheel, than this is THE accessory your want!

$125.00  Quantity      

Ashford Sliding Hook Flyers

ashford sliding hook flyer

Ashford Sliding Hook Flyers allow you to fill your bobbins evenly with the squeeze-and-slide stainless steel hook. Fiberglass arms make these flyers light and strong. The yarn is controlled in the hook as you spin. The flyer is available unfinished or with a lacquer finiashford double drive flyersh to match your Ashford spinning wheel and includes one sliding hook bobbin.
Update your Ashford Traditional, Traveller, Kiwi and Elizabeth spinning wheels with the standard or large jumbo sliding hook flyer.

Standard Sliding Hook Flyer Single Drive Ratios:
Traditional 6.5, 9, 12, 18:1
Traveller 5.5, 7.5, 10, 15:1

Standard Sliding Hook Flyer Double Drive Ratios:
Elizabeth 8, 10.5, 14
Traditional 7.5, 9.5, 13
Traveller 6, 8, 10.5

Jumbo Sliding Hook Flyer Single Drive Ratios:
Traditional 4.5,7.5, 9.5, 12.5:1
Traveller 3.5, 6, 7.5, 10:1
Kiwi 4, 5 :1

Jumbo Sliding Hook Flyer Double Drive Ratios
Elizabeth 5, 5.5, 6.5
Traditional 4.5, 5.3, 6
Traveller 4, 4.5, 5

Single Drive Unfinished $105.00 Double Drive Unfinished $110.00

Single Drive Lacquer Finish $154.00 Double Drive Lacquer Finish $152.00

Jumbo Single Drive Unfinished $115.00 Jumbo Double Drive Unfinished $125.00

Jumbo Single Drive Lacquer Finish $170.00 Jumbo Double Drive Lacquer Fin. $185.00

Jumbo Kit for Kiwi Unfinished $142.00 Jumbo Kit for Kiwi Lacquer Finish $210.00


Kiwi High Speed Adapter Kit

adapter kitKit contains smaller whorl than the one that come with the Ashford Kiwi, with two speeds for spinning finer yarns and poly drive band. Ratios are 11 and 14 to 1. Fits Kiwi and Kiwi 2 spinning wheels.

  Quantity  $31.95   

Ashford Lace Flyer Kit, Single Drive

ashford lace flyer kit For single drive Ashford Traditional and Traveller. This flyer is for spinning ultra fine yarn with a high twist count ideal for creating lace-weight yarn. It is also for short fibers such as cotton and silk that need a high twist. Using the higher drive ratios, the spinner can treadle and draft at the normal speed and still achieve the necessary high twist. The flyers are individually balanced in the factory and feature ball bearings. The small 7mm(5/16in) orifice guides the yarn and the large core bobbins ensure a gentle take-up. The Ashford Lace Flyer Kit comes complete with three bobbins. Orifice 7mm(5/16in)
Ratio (Traditional) 15, 20, 30 and 40      

Ratio (Traveller) 12, 16, 24, 30

Included accessories: 3 lace bobbins, Merino sliver and pattern for spinning lace, 2 drive bands, 2 cotton bands for gentle control and threading hook.

  Quantity  $245.00   

Ashford Lazy Kates

Ashford Competition Lazy Kate

ashford competition lazy kateThe Ashford competition lazy kate holds three bobbins. No bobbin over-wind when plying with speed. Control your bobbins when spinning with adjustable brake tension.

The Ashford Competition lazy kate has a smooth stainless steel yarn guide, suitable for single drive or double drive bobbins, sliding hook flyer bobbins or even large jumbo bobbins. Bobbins are quick and easy to change. Convenient carry handle. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with a rich lacquer finish. Bobbins sold separately.

$62.95  Quantity 

Ashford Upright Lazy Kate

ashford lazy kateAshford upright lazy kate holds three bobbins. This is the original lazy kate that comes with all Ashford Traditional spinning wheel models. For single or double drive Ashford bobbins. Made from Silver Beech hardwood. Bobbins shown not included

$24.95  Quantity 




Ashford Niddy Noddies

Large Ashford Niddy Noddy

ashford niddy noddy

This unfinished Ashford niddy noddy is the standard size and makes a 54" skein. It has pretty turned detailing. Made from solid silver beech wood, with removable ends for storage or transport.

$27.95 Quantity  


Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy.

ashford niddy noddy with yarnThis cute little Ashford sampler niddy noddy makes a beautiful small 32" skein. Ideal for making sample skeins if you are spinning smaller amounts of yarn, or as an extra. Made from solid silver beech wood, with removable ends for storage or transport. Unfinished.

$21.95 Quantity  

Other Ashford Spinning Wheel Supplies

Ashford Maintenance Kit

ashford maintanance kit

This helpful maintenance kit from Ashford contains an oil bottle and oil, a cotton spinning wheel drive belt, scotch tension spring and band, leather and plastic footman connector, threading hook, e-clip, and 10 flyer hooks. Keep your Ashford spinning wheel in great shape, or fix up a hand-me-down. This may come in handy for other brands of spinning wheels too!

26.95  Quantity


Ashford Finishing Wax

ashford finishing waxGood things come in small packages. We have used ONE can to finish two wheels and two looms, that's how efficient this finishing wax is....

Use this natural wax to finish any unfinished spinning wheel, spinning accessory or loom. Enhance the natural beauty of the Silver Beech timber of Ashford spinning wheels with our premium wax polish. Easy to use, produces a great look and good for the environment! Kit includes Scotch brite pad. Yes, you can buy cheaper finishing products, but what we like about this one is that it does not have any nasty odors, just a bit of "Vanilla" scent, so you can even finish your spinning wheel indoors.

$26.95  Quantity  


Ashford Skein Winder

ashford skein winderEasy to use, the Ashford adjustable skein winder makes a 1 yard or 1.5 yard skein. It can be used on a table top or as a floor model. Wind the yarn into skeins right of your Ashford spinning wheel. Sturdy beech wood construction, unfinished. The base can be taken off for easy storage or transport. Skein of yarn shown not included.

$110.95   Quantity    




Double Treadle Kit for Ashford Traditional

Double Treadle Kit for Ashford TraditionalThis kits converts your single treadle Ashford Traditional spinning wheel to a double treadle spinning wheel. Double treadle action will give you more control over your wheel and make spinning yarn easier. Choose from unfinished  or clear finish.

  Unfinished - $175.00  Clear Finish - $250.00

NEW! Ashford Blending Boardfiber rolag

ashford blending boardCreate stunning fiber rolags with this easy to use blending board from Ashford. A large 12" by 12" blending area, with fine 108 teeth per inch carding cloth, allows you to "paint" with fibers.

The Ashford Blending Board has an adjustable keel, so you can blend at three comfortable angles, and even rotate it, so you can use it on your lap. Complete with brush, two dowels for pulling and rolling fibers and instructions.

$179.95   Quantity     

Watch Kate from Ashford card fiber rolags on the blending board