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Ashford Country Spinner 2 Spinning Wheelashford country spinner 2 spinning wheel


Ashford Country Spinner 2 Spinning Wheel


Only your imagination is the limit! This bulky spinner lets you incorporate ribbons, lace or feathers into chunky yarn. Or just simply spin super thick. It's all up to you. Create unique art yarns just the way you like them. The Ashford Country Spinner 2 has one huge bobbin with three speeds perfect for spinning fun art yarn or super chunky thick yarns. The amazing large Country Spinners 2 with its extra large bobbin lets you spin up to 2.2 lbs. of yarn!! The wooden sliding hook flyer makes threading your yarn easy.


A huge 1 1/16" flyer orfice will let even thick and chunky yarns pass thru it without problems. This Ashford spinning wheel also hasashford country spinner 2 sliding hook flyer detail provisions just in case you want to ply from two bobbins!

 Arched rails and factory assembled sides are easily put together with bolts and barrel nuts.

Ratio are 3, 4: and 5 to 1. Unfinished or clear finish.



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Did you know that...some of the amazing costumes for the movie "The Hobbit" were spun on the Ashford Country Spinner 2? What will you spin?






Ashford Country Spinner Special


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Ashford Country Spinner Bobbins


bobbin for ashford country spinner

This is a huge bobbin! With about 12 inches in length you can spin Art yarns or chunky yarns to your heart's content.


Made to fit either the Ashford Country Spinner or the Ashford Country Spinner 2. Holds up to 2 Lbs. of fiber or yarn. Unfinished or Clear Finish.










Ashford Orifice Reducer Bushing Set


ashford orifice reducer set

For Ashford Country Spinner or Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer. Allows you to spin finer yarns while controlling the movement in a large orifice. Reduces orifice to 5/8" or 3/8". Two bushing set.


$29.95   Quantity


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