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Ashford SampleIt Loom 10" & 16" Width

Ashford SampleIt Loom 10"

ashford sampleit loom in 10 inch weaving width

This new compact rigid heddle loom is perfect for the beginning weaver. It is inexpensive, compact and cute without sacrificing function. This Ashford SampleIt loom is perfect for new and experienced weavers and with a 10" weaving width it is perfect for scarves too and the perfect classroom rigid heddle loom.

The Ashford SampleIt Loom has a built-in second heddle option so you can weave with two reeds of the same dent at the same time (only one reed is included).

 Whether you are learning to weave for the first time or want to learn new techniques or sample your yarn, the Ashford SampleIt Loom is fun and easy to use. Just add yarn!
ashford sampleit loom with two reeds
The Ashford SampleIt loom comes complete with 7.5 dent reed, two stick shuttles, a double ended threading hook, warping pegs, clamps and a 20 page color weaving booklet to get you weaving in no time.


10" Ashford SampleIt Loom

$146.95  Quantity

Ashford SampleIt Loom 16"

ashford sampleit loom for 16" wide weavingNew wider widths. Weave a full 16" wide cloth on this wider version.

$180.95  Quantity
Sold out until mid January 2018

Additional reeds for the Ashford SampleIt Loom can be found here

Kate from Ashford in New Zealand is weaving on the Ashford SampleIt Loom 


Ashford SampleIt Loom Reeds - NEW 15 Dent Reeds

Weave with a variety of yarns and get additional reeds for your Ashford 8" and 10" SampleIt Loom. Choose from 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 and now also 15 dent reeds.

$24.95    Quantity

Ashford SampleIt Loom Stand for 10" Loom

For the 10" Ashford SampleIt loom only. Weave comfortable and free up your kitchen table

$ 99.95  Quantity

Learn to weave with the Ashford SampleIt Loom pdf with assembly, warping and weaving instructions

Need help deciding which loom to get? Check out our Weaving FAQ or give us a call!

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