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  Leclerc Voyager Table Loom

leclerc voyager table loomThis 4 harness Leclerc Voyager table loom has the advantage of being smaller and lighter. It folds for easy transport or storage. The Leclerc Voyager table loom is great for beginning weavers, or if you want a really portable 4 harness loom to carry with you. detail of Leclerc Voyager table loom

The 15 3/4" model weighs in at 12½ lbs. All Leclerc Voyager weaving looms include a specially designed (1" profile) Cherry shuttle, 12 dent stainless steel reed, reed and heddle hook, 2 lease sticks, 2 beam sticks, the newly designed warp and cloth roll lashing system, transfer heddle bars and the book "Warp and Weave". The Leclerc Voyager looms are set up with Levers starting with #1 on the right. 

bag for leclerc voyager table loom

In addition for those who choose, Texsolv Heddles and the new Swinging Beater are available at no extra charge. (Please let us know when ordering). Assembled. FREE shipping in the lower 48 states and Canada.


  Bag is included when purchasing a Leclerc 9.5" or 15 3/4" Voyager loom. Sorry there is no tote available for the 24" size.

4 Harness 15 3/4"weaving width       $805.95                                                

8 Harness  9 1/2" weaving width       $885.95                                               leclerc voyager table loom on stand

8 Harness 15 3/4"weaving width        $885.95                                            

12 Harness 15 3/4"weaving width      $1130.95   
4 Harness24" weaving width             $990.95    
8 Harness 24" weaving width            $1085.95    
12 Harness24" weaving width           $1275.95   

 Leclerc Voyager Options

Please use this option only when ordering a new Voyager table loom.  
Please contact us if you would like to purchase these items separately.
Texsolv Heddle instead of inserted eye heddles        FREE                           

Swinging Beater instead of standard beater             FREE

Dorothy Table loom stand (fits 15 3/4 Voyager 4H)  $235.95 


  Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom

Dorothy table LoomThis 4 harness Leclerc Dorothy table loom is collapsible for easy carrying and storage. It is a practical loom for school, summer camps, occupational therapy and hobbyists. 15 3/4" weaving width or 24" weaving width. The shafts are operated by the unique side levers of graduated lengths. This Leclerc 4 shaft  loom comes with levers on right. The selection of the harnesses is easy because the levers tabs are in different colors. The 4 harness Leclerc Dorothy table loom can be supplied with a deeper frame to which additional 4 shaft sections can be added to convert to 8 or even 12 shafts. (Please indicate when ordering) All ydorothy table loom foldedou have to do is assemble the sections as you wish: they are screwed to the frame. All Leclerc Dorothy weaving looms come complete with a 12 dent stainless steel reed, 1 boat shuttle, 1 reed and heddle hook, 2 metal lease sticks, 10 loop cords for lashing, transfer heddle bars, assembly instructions and the book " Warp and Weave". Assembled. FREE shipping in the lower 48 states and Canada.

4 Harness 15 3/4"- $750.95     8 Harness 15 3/4"- $1020.95                    

4 Harness 24"- $885.95           8 Harness 24"- $1220.95


  Accessories for Leclerc Table Looms

Accessories for Leclerc Dorothy 15 3/4"Table Looms

Please order these only when also ordering the Dorothy Loom otherwise check the Leclerc Accessories page for heddles

Inserted Eye Heddles for 15 3/4" Dorothy Loom            $41.95          

Texsolv Heddles for 15 3/4" Dorothy Loom                   $41.95                      

 Table  for Dorothy 15 3/4"-without treadle                   $235.95  


Accessories for Leclerc Dorothy 24" Table Looms

Please order these only when also ordering the Dorothy Loom otherwise check the Leclerc Accessories page for heddles

Inserted Eye Heddles for24" Dorothy Loom           $54.95                

Texsolv Heddles for24" Dorothy Loom                   $54.95                   

Table for Dorothy24" without treadle                     $440.95                  

Table for Dorothy24" with  6treadles                     $550.95



Why a Leclerc Weaving Loom?

 Made from solid kiln dried Canadian maple with clear lacquer finish

  Fast shipping, most looms ship with one or two business days

  Easy to assemble, excellent resell value!

All quality built Leclerc weaving looms and accessories are guaranteed for one year, covering materials and workmanship. Parts are replaced free of charge upon proof of defect.

Leclerc Table Looms- over 125 years of weaving excellence!

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