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Want to make money with your fleeces? This motorized drum carder is perfect for a "cottage style" carding operation.

Short: Motorized Strauch 405 Finest Drum Carder with infinitely variable speed and reverse, non-slip chain drive, rugged, ststrauch motorized drum carderrong frame, upgradeable to motorized version, complete with brush attachment and tools. Single or doublewide.

Long: The Strauch Motorized Finest 405 drum carders are ideal if you want to card lots of fibers and fleeces for sale and make money with your fiber!


Being an engineer, Otto Strauch designed these drum carders to be truly unique in the marketplace and built with the same high standards as the hand crank models. The Strauch 405 Finest is a "high tech" machine having both infinitely variable speed AND reversibility features.

The "infinitely variable speed" feature (not just two or three speed settings) is a God-sent when working with fine fibers like alpaca, merino and cashmere.


strauch finest motorized detail

Strauch drum carders use very high quality, durable, electronically controlled motors that are made in the USA! All these machines have been extensively beta tested by some "heavy duty" fiber artists and they all have raved about the design, workmanship and durability.


There are switches on the circuit board to chose between 110v (domestic) and 230v (international). Naturally, carders shipped to US customers are pre-set to 110v. strauch double wide drum carder detail






FEATURES & BENEFITS of the Strauch Motorized Drum Carder

  • Timesaving; both hands are free to allow the fiber artist to control
    how the fiber is being carded or blended.
  • Those with wrist, elbow and/or shoulder issues will find carding with a Strauch motorized machine painless and relaxing.
  • The ability to card fibers at a consistent and reproducible speed will make consistent fiber batts. Folks wanting to process lots of fibers (i.e.. a cottage industry) will find these carders remarkable.
  • The motor and electronic controller were engineered to be quiet,
    robust, dependable, self-diagnostic and trouble free
  • As with the manual models, the Finest comes with all the tools and accessories available, including the fabulous Brush Attachment.

Strauch Finest Motorized Drum Carder tools included:


  strauch batt picker   strauch doffer   strauch teasing toolstrauch clamps

  • The popular Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Pick, an invaluable tool for removing the fiber batt without damage to the equipment or the user.
  • A Doffer/Cleaner Brush to thoroughly and easily clean any residual fibers from the carding drum.
  • A small cleaner/dabber brush for use on the licker in drum.
  • Our Teasing Tool to open matted locks of your fleece and tease fiber prior to carding.
  • Table clamps to secure the carder to the work surface.


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Strauch Finest Motorized Single Wide Drum Carder   $2100.00


Strauch Finest Motorized Double Wide Drum Carder   $2400.00




The dimensions of the Strauch motorized drum carders are the same as their manual counterparts.

The large drum on the singlewide Motorized Finest carder is 7" in diameter x 8¼" wide. The small drum is 2" in diameter x 8" wide. The carder produces a batt approximately 8" wide x 22" long. The frame is 24" long, 11½" wide, 6" high

The large drum on the doublewide Motorized Finest carder is 7" in diameter x 15¼" wide. The small drum is 2" in diameter x 16" wide. The carder produces a batt approximately 15" wide x 22" long. The frame is 24" long, 18½" wide, 6" high.


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