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Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning

alden Amos big book of handspinning

This book is destined to be a classic! Great reference book for every spinner will leave no questions unanswered. Wheel designer and maintainer of textile traditions, Alden Amos – the recipient and evaluator of traditional wisdom – will guide you thru the many aspects of spinning, spinning wheels, fibers This is truly a BIG book offering decades of experience in making and handling yarn. He’ll change your spinning for the better. Spinning books come and go, this one is a keeper with it's in depth spinning instructions. 480 pages, hardcover

 Alden Amos BIG Book of Handspinning  $44.95



Fibre Facts, Bette Hochberg

The third book from Bette Hochberg concentrates on various spinning fibers, their use and preparation. Chapters on the properties of fiber, wool, silk, cotton, linen and synthetic fibers are included as well as an analysis of yarn structure.

Fibre Facts, Bette Hochberg  $12.95


Field Guide to Fleece

fleece and fiber guide for handspinning yarn

The Field Guide to Fleece is a handy, guide to fleeces that are a must have for every spinner who buys their own fleece. Compact in size, this practical fiber guide can be taken to your favorite fiber show to make picking the perfect fleece easier. Listed in alphabetical order, each listing includes best uses, origin, fleece weights, staple lengths, fiber diameters, and color.

You’ll also find many interesting anecdotes. This is an indispensable, highly usable resource for the handspinner.


Field Guide to Fleece $14.95   Quantity

Handspindles, Bette Hochberg

Handspindles spinning book

This classic gives a detailed overview of the different types of drop spindles, their origin and uses.

Included chapters on the historic aspects of spindle spinning, Turkish spindles, Navajo spindles, supported spindles, as well as "how to" instructions for spinning on a drop spindle and on a supported spindle, the distaff and it's use.

Handspindles, Bette Hochberg  $12.95



Hand Spun

hand spun - spinning book

Subtitled "New Spins on Traditional Techniques" by art-yarn pioneer Lexi Boeger. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind wild yarns, Hand Spun is the spinning book for you. Learn the basics of fiber prep, from washing to carding. Create cutting edge yarns that are as unique as you are in this well rounded book.

Discover 20 fashion forward, yet accessible projects including chunky scarves, fabulous hats, a belt, a rug, boas and more.

Hand Spun, Lexi Boeger  $24.95


How to Spin 

spinning yarn instructions

From Choosing a Spinning Wheel to Making Yarn.

This little booklet will get you started. From start to finish spin any type of fiber into yarn that is ready to fuse for knitting, crocheting or weaving.

Nice little pocket guide to show you the basics of spinning your own yarn and more.123 pages

$9.95  Quantity

Respect the Spindle Book

respect the spindle - drop spindle instructions

Portable and productive, the hand spindle has been responsible for creating the world's yarn for millennia. In Respect the Spindle, veteran spinner Abby Franquemont teaches spinners old and new how to create incredible yarn with the amazing drop spindle. Respect the Spindle offers step-by-step photography with detailed illustrations, making the spindle spinning techniques clear to even the novice spinner. Profiles of drop spindle spinners from various traditions are presented in sidebars throughout the book, which introduce heartwarming and historical fiber stories from around the world. Five simple projects give spinners practice in creating a variety of yarns and patterns. Check out the DVD "Respect the Spindle"


Respect The Spindle Book, Abby Franquemont  $22.95



Spinning Wool: Beyond the Basics

Spinning Wool Basics and BeyondBuilding on the basics presented in the author’s previous book, Ashford Book of Spinning (find it further down the page), this handbook provides more advanced spinners with information extending beyond the act of spinning—how to spin an adequate yarn and extend the range of yarns produced, what happens during the spinning process, and the relationship between the raw materials and the final output—for greater mastery of the craft. This new edition features up-to-date information about spinning wheels, new color photos, and seven new projects. Organized in four sections—wool, spinning wheels, yarn design, and projects—the text provides examples of a global range of fleece types, a detailed examination of the functions of bobbin and flyer wheels, a step-by-step analysis of spinning yarns of a predetermined size and twist count best suited to the properties of the fleece, and informative explanations of different spinning materials.


Spinning Wool : Beyond The Basics Revised, Anne Field  $24.95


Spin, Span, Spun, Bette Hochberg

Spin Span SpunThe fourth book of the Bette Hochberg series is packed with fact and folklore for spinners and weavers.

Find out interesting and amazing tidbits about your favorite hobby.

Spin Span Spun, Bette Hochberg  $12.95



The Ashford Book of Carding, Jo Reeve

the ashford book of carding

Learn how to use flick cards, hand cards and drum carders. Find out how to process fleece into roving and how to blend colors and fibers. The Ashford Book of Carding is great for spinners that want to master their drum carder. Weather you plan to card fleeces or blend fiber or combine colors, The Ashford Book of Carding is for you! Projects: Self-striping socks; Merino mittens; Triangular shawl; Merino and silk scarf. 92pp.


The Ashford Book of Carding, Jo Reeve  $28.95



The Ashford Book of Handspinning, Jo Reeve

The Ashford Book of Hanspinning This new title from Ashford covers spinning from the beginning to more advanced techniques as well as fiber preparation, novelty yarns and five easy projects. East to understand, step by step instructions will guide you trough the process and you will master spinning in no time! The Ashford Book of Handspinning is destined to become a classic must have!


The Ashford Book of Handspinning, Jo Reeve  $28.95



The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

More than 200 Fibers from Animals to Spun Yarn. Check out this great fiber sourcebook. Learn about the abundance of animals and the fiber they produce. The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook covers almost evThe Fleece and Fiber Sourcebookry sheep breed in the world from the long wool breeds of the United Kingdom to the Tasmanian merino, the Navajo churro, the northern European Faroese, and dozens and dozens more. It also includes goats, alpacas, llamas, and vicunas), bison, horses, musk oxen, rabbits, and even dogs.

Each entry includes photographs of the featured animal; samples of its raw fleece, its cleaned fleece, and yarn spun from the fleece; and samples of the yarn knit and woven. You'll find everything you want to know about each animal and its fiber, including the fiber's color, density, strength, and staple length, and recommendations for processing and using it. This is the essential reference no fiber-lover can be without.

The Fleece and Fiber Source Book  $35.95


The Practical Spinners Guide: Wool

instructions for preparing fleece and fiber for spinning

All you need to know about spinning wool- from sheep to knits. Do you have unanswered questions about spinning fibers? How to choose a fleece? What kind of prepared fibers are available and what should you do with them? These and many more questions will be answered in this Practical Spinners Guide.

Also topics included are sheep breeds and their fleece characteristics, washing, carding, combing and blending fibers, techniques for spinning and plying wool to achieve the right yarn for your projects and more.

The Practical Spinning Guide Wool  $27.95


The Spinner's Book of Fleece

the spinner's book of fleece instructions

A Breed-by-Breed Guide to Choosing and Spinning the Perfect Fiber for Every Purpose. Know your Fleece before giving it a Spin. An essential companion for spinners of all levels, this sheep-by-sheep guide provides fleece profiles of 19 breeds and describes the different spinning methods that produce yarns suitable for a wide range of projects- from lacy shawls to sturdy outerwear.

Choose the right fleece for your project every time and you'll have enviable control over each step, from washing to spinning to finished item.

$29.95   Quantity

Spinning History Books

The Age of Homespun, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

This is histthe age of homespunory. The story of daily life in colonial times in New England, of the creation of creature comforts, of domesticity, of the intricate changing interlacement of working men and women. This is not a "how-to" or a picture book. It is a storybook of the treasures that are ignored by the mass-produced culture that predominates today. Written by a Harvard history professor, it is not an academic tome, but more a collection of stories about different people, all in the grand context of the changes that were happening to every body at the dawn of the Industrial age. Read this book!

The Age of Homespun, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich  $16.95