Pacific Wool and Fiber Sitemap

Spinning Wheels & Carding

Spinning Wheels

Ashford Spinning Wheels
    Ashford Country Spinner 2
    Ashford Elizabeth 2
    Ashford Electric Spinner 2
    Ashford e-Spinner 3
    Ashford Joy 2
    Ashford Kiwi 2
    Ashford Traditional
    Ashford Traveller
Baynes Spinning Wheels
Kromski Spinning Wheels
    Kromski Fantasia
    Kromski Interlude
    Kromski Minstrel
    Kromski Sonata
    Kromski Symphony
    Kromski Prelude
Louet Spinning Wheels
   Louet S10
   Louet S17
   Louet Julia
   Louet Olivia
   Louet Victoria
Majacraft Spinning Wheels
    Majacraft Aura
    Majacraft Rose
    Majacraft Suzie
    Majacraft Suzie Pro
    Majacraft Pioneer
    Majacraft Little Gem
Schacht Spinning Wheels
   Schacht Flatiron
   Schacht Ladybug
   Schacht Matchless
   Schacht Sidekick
   Schacht Reeves
Drop Spindles

Spinning Fibers

Undyed Wool
Dyed Wool & Blends
Merino Wool Top
Kromski Polish Merino
Silk & Blends

Spinning Accessories

Drum Carders
    Ashford Drum Carders
    Ashford Wild Carder
    Ashford Extra Wide Drum Carder
    Louet Roving Carder
    Louet XL Drum Carder
    Majacraft Fusion Engine Carder
    Strauch Finest Drum Carder
    Strauch Finest Motorized Drum Carder
    Strauch Petite Drum Carder
    Strauch 200 Series Drum Carders
    Strauch Mad Batt'r Drum Carder
Hand Carders
Blending Boards
Spinning Books
Spinning DVDs
Spinning Accessories
    Ashford Spinning Accessories
    Kromski Spinning Accessories
    Majacraft Spinning Accessories
    Schacht Spinning Accessories
Dyes for Wool
Dyes for Cotton
Drum Carder Instructions
Spinning Links
Spinning Tips
Spinning FAQ

Weaving Looms

Ashford Looms
    Ashford Inkle Loom
    Katie Loom
    Ashford Knitters Loom
    Rigid Heddle Loom
    Ashford Table Loom
    Ashford Tapestry Loom
Harrisville Looms
John Day Inkle Loom
Kromski Looms
Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom
Leclerc Voyager Table Loom
Leclerc Floor Looms
    Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom
    Leclerc Compact Loom
    Leclerc Artisat Loom
    Leclerc Nilus II Loom
    Leclerc Weavebird Dobby Loom
Louet Looms
    Louet Spring Loom
    Louet Megado Loom
    Louet Delta Loom
    Louet David 2 Loom
    Louet Octado Loom
    Louet Jane Table Loom
Schacht Looms
    Schacht Baby Wolf Loom
    Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom
    Schacht Wolf Pup Loom
    Schacht Cricket Loom
    Schacht Flip Loom
    Schacht Tapestry Loom
Small Looms and Weaving Cards

Weaving Yarn

3/2 UKI Mercerized Cotton Yarn
8/2 Bamboo Yarn
8/2 Cotton Yarn
8/4 Cotton Yarn
8/2 Cottolin Yarn
16/2 Mercerized Cotton Yarn
Cotton Boucle Yarn
Linen Yarn and Linen Warp
Mill End Yarns

Weaving Accessories

Ashford Weaving Accessories
Leclerc Weaving Accessories
Schacht Weaving Accessories
Weaving Shuttles
Other Weaving Accessories

Weaving Books
Weaving DVDs

Weaving FAQ

Knitting Needles & Knitting Yarns

Wool Yarns

Nature Spun Yarn
20/2 Wool Yarn

Cotton & Blends

Cotton Fleece Yarn
Linen Yarn
8/2 Cottolin Yarn
8/2 Cotton Yarn
Mill End Yarns

Books & Patterns

Sock Knitting Patterns
Lace Knitting Patterns
Accessories Patterns
Knit-to-Felt Patterns

Knitting Needles

Clover Knitting Needles
Dreamz Knitting Needles
Brittany Knitting Needles
Circular Knitting Needles
Double Pointed Knitting Needles
Single Pointed Knitting Needles
Knitting Accessories

Felting Supplies & Kits

Felting Supplies
Felting Books
Knitting Patterns for Felting

About/Contact and Ordering Information

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