Single Point Knitting Needles

Clover Takumi Single Point Knitting Needlesclover single point knitting needles

clover knitting needle logoClover knitting needles has a tapered, round point that never splits the yarn. They are smooth to the touch and become even smoother to the touch the more you knit with them.

Clover Takumi bamboo knitting needles are 60% lighter than aluminum knitting needles of the same size, so your hand doesn't tire even after long hours of knitting. Needle thickness is important because it determines stitch size. You can be sure that every "Takumi" bamboo knitting needle with the same size will be of the exact same thickness and shape. Single - pointed, double - pointed, and circular Clover knitting needles with the same number and size can be used interchangeably - the result will always be beautiful, uniform stitches.

Single Point knitting needles are available in two lengths below as well as double points and circulars.


Clover Takumi Bamboo Single Point Knitting Needles

13/14 Inch in length. Sizes 0 thru 10 are 13 inches in length, sizes 1 thru 15 are 14 inches in length.



Clover Takumi Bamboo Single Point Knitting Needles

 9 Inch in Length



Brittany Single Point Knitting Needles

Brittany knitting needles

Brittany Knitting Needles are crafted from solid Birch wood allowing you to enjoy the beauty of real wood.

They have snag free tips and are never cold to the touch. Brittany single point knitting needles are available in 10" or 14" length.

Proudly made in the USA. Brittany 10 inch and 14 inch needles.

10 Inch in Length



14 Inch in Length



About Brittany Knitting Needles....

Brittany Hooks and Brittany Knitting Needles are made in America by father and son craftsmen, ensuring consistent quality and individual care. And, of course Brittany double point and Brittany Birch single point knitting needles look beautiful. The Brittany Company is a family business and has been in business for twenty five years specializing in craft tools.