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Schacht Wolf Pup LT Loom FREE Weaving Starter Kit

Schacht Wolf Pup LT Weaving Floor Loom

The popular Schacht Wolf Pup LT loom a new version of the Wolf Pup. It is now available with lamms and 6 treadles (hence the “LT”). The lamms allow any shaft to be tied to any treadle, making four shaft patterns even easier to weave than before.

The Schacht Wolf Pup LT also sports Schacht's new quick-release back beam that is a new feature of all of our Wolf looms. Now, the back beam can be quickly removed for threading the heddles without impacting the brake system.

18 inch weaving width. Complete with 300 wire heddles and your choice of reed: 8, 10, 12 or 15 dent. Please choose below. Complete with handy Treadle Tracker so treadling your draft is easy!

NEW! Now available with or without Height Extender. Perfect if you are 5'6" or taller, or have long legs. The Height Extender will raise the loom to a breast beam height from 29.5" to 31.5". You can also add the Height Extender later, but will need to drill holes into your loom to modify it. The price will also be higher than adding it to the loom at time of purchase.


FREE Shipping! FREE Weaving Starter Kit

Schacht Mini Boat Shuttle, Bag of Schacht Weaving Bobbins and Book "Leaning to Weave"

Schacht Wolf Pup LT Without Height Extender  $1431.95  Quantity    

Schacht Wolf Pup LT With Height Extender       $1533.95  Quantity     

Please choose ONE reed when purchasing a Wolf Pup LT Loom. Additional reeds can be purchased separately on the Schacht Weaving Accessories page.


This item usually ships within 3 weeks directly from Schacht


NEW! A High Castle Tray and Sectional Warp Beam for the

Schacht Wolf Pup LT can be found here

Additional reeds sold separately on the Schacht Weaving Accessories page.

schacht wolf pup lt diagram
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