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Rigid Heddle looms are easy to use even for beginning weavers. You can warp (set-up )these easy to use looms in an hour or so and start weaving your first project. Rigid Heddle Looms come in a wide range of sizes and brands, but all weaving is the same no matter what model you choose. Check out the Ashford Knitters loom, Ashford Sampleit loom, Kromski Harp Rigid Heddle loom, or the Schacht Cricket loom. More information below.

Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms

Ashford Sample It Loom  rigid heddle loomrigid heddle loom

  SampleIt Loom          Rigid Heddle Loom                 Knitters Loom


Kromski Rigid Heddle Looms


     rigid heddle loom              rigid heddle loom

       Folding "Harp" Loom                        Kromski Fiddle Loom


Schacht Rigid Heddle Looms

   Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom                     schacht rigid heddle loom

       Cricket Loom                                    Folding Schacht Flip Loom


About Rigid Heddle Looms...

Rigid Heddle looms are perfect for beginners weavers. They are simple, easy to weave on and fast to warp and compact enough so you can weave anywhere! So if you are thinking about learning to weave, a rigid heddle loom is a great place to start.

Want to take your rigid heddle weaving even further? Add a stand or a second heddle kit for your loom and you can weave even more patterns! With a floor stand you will be able to use your rigid heddle loom anywhere you like. Happy Weaving!

How I learned to Weave

They say one thing leads to another and so my growing hand spun yarn stash demanded that I learn how to weave. NOW!

My first thought was to start with a table loom: four harness, lots of pattern possibilities but not the big price tag of a floor loom.

So I bought a table loom. Big mistake! I had never woven before, and was not able to take a class. Warping seemed horrendous, and my woven items resembled rags more than scarves I was intend of producing. I just gave up, was definitely done with weaving and sold my loom.

After a few month, and me whining about “why can’t I weave” and “I want to weave, stupid loom etc.”, I finally gave weaving another shot and bought an Ashford rigid heddle loom. That was the beginning of my love affair with weaving. The warping (set-up) was so easy, my warp tension was better, threading the loom made more sense, everything was just simpler. So I wove my first scarf, than a pillow and soon one piece after another followed, crooked salvages (edges) getting a better bit by bit, and finally pretty good so that they earned the name “selvedge”. I wove placemats, runners, throws, scarfs, pillows on my rigid heddle loom and I was so hooked.

And I wanted more. My next loom was a Leclerc four harness Artisat floor loom, and what do you think happened? My weaving was so much better than on the table loom before, since I have had “basic training” on my rigid heddle. Already knowing the basics and learning new things one project at a time, I was just thrilled. I dearly loved this loom and converted an attic space complete with slanted wall (watch out where you stand) and no heating into my "studio".

Time passed and again I wanted more. Even though my current loom was great I found myself drooling over amazing 8 harness projects in various weaving magazines with a whole hearted "darn, I wish I had more harnesses".

Weaving bliss came to me finally in form of my Louet countermarch loom. My lovely twelve (Cowabunga!!) harness Louet Spring, I will have to name you one day. This countermarch loom is so easy to treadle, even with all the harnesses and the built in raddle and back to front warping makes my warps almost perfect.

Bottom line: Weaving is a journey and just as a journey progresses so will your skills as a weaver. All aboard yarn lovers and wannabe weavers, first stop: rigid heddle looms!

Weave on in Happiness and Health, Bridget :-)