Brown Sheep Nature Spun Yarn

Brown Sheep Diamonds and Bobbles Jacket
Here's the One yarn that everyone Loves! hand woven pillow made from Nature Spun wool yarn

Nature Spun yarn from Brown Sheep brings together three of the most sought after qualities in traditional, plied 100% wool yarn: softness, value, and a vast array of colors.

Nature Spun yarn is continually a favorite among knitters and weavers. Nature Spun worsted weight yarn comes in large 100g balls with 245 yards. Knitting needle size 7. Made from 100% wool, right here in the USA. Great for Weaving too!

nature spun yarn boysenberry
 Nature Spun Spice Plumnature spun yarn red fox nature spun yarn Brown Sheep Yarns French Clay nature spun yarn black
     Boysenberry       Spiced Plum          Red Fox            Brick Red          French Clay                 Black

    nature spun yarn worsted weight stone nature spun Nature Spun Ash nature spun snownature spun yarn nature spun autumn leaves

         Charcoal                Stone                Ash                    Snow                Coffee             Autumn Leaves

    nature spun yarn hurricane nature spun yarn worsted weightNature Spun Nordic Blue nature spun yarnNature Spun Yellow  

    Hurricane Seas        Turquoise          Nordic Blue     Enchanted Forest       Yellow

Nature Spun Yarn 100g Balls  Only $8.50  each



Brown Sheep Nature Spun Yarn is made right here in the USA!