Brown Sheep Nature Spun Yarn

Brown Sheep Diamonds and Bobbles Jacket
Here's the One yarn that everyone Loves!

Nature Spun yarn from Brown Sheep brings together three of thehand woven pillow made from Nature Spun wool yarn most sought after qualities in traditional, plied 100% wool yarn: softness, value, and a vast array of colors.

Nature Spun yarn is continually a favorite among knitters and weavers. Nature Spun worsted weight yarn comes in large 100g balls with 245 yards. Knitting needle size 7. Made from 100% wool, right here in the USA. Great for Weaving too!



Nature Spun Yarn 100g Balls   Our Price only $7.95  each

nature spun yarn boysenberry
 Nature Spun Spice Plumnature spun yarn red fox nature spun yarn nature spun yarn black nature spun snow
Boysenberry  Spiced Plum      Red Fox        Sienna           Black           Snow

   nature spun yarn worsted weight nature spun yarn stone nature spun Nature Spun Ash nature spun autumn leaves Nature Spun Aran

Charcoal                Coffee            Stone            Ash           Autumn Leaves Snow 

    nature spun yarn hurricane Nature Spun Nordic Blue Nature Spun Yellow Brown Sheep Yarns French Clay nature spun yarn worsted weight nature spun yarn

  Hurricane Seas Nordic Blue     Yellow        French Clay   Turquoise Enchanted Forest


Cable & Buds Vest Pattern

Brown Sheep Cable Buds VestDesigned exclusively for Brown Sheep by E. J. Slayton this vest is comfy and looks cute with traveling vines on either side. Add a zipper for super comfort! Knit in Brown Sheep Nature Spun yarn, shown in  China Blue a discontinued color. Try N30 Nordic Blue for a similar effect or use your favorite color! Sizes S, M, L, XL. Yarn requirements: 6, 7, 7, 8 balls. Size 3 circular (for cast on) and size 4 needles.

$4.95  Quantity   



Diamond and Bobbles Jacket Pattern

Diamonds and Bobbles JacketWe had this one in our store last year and let me tell you: it is simply gorgeous! Lace Panels combined with bobbles add a classic, yet updated touch to this jacket designed exclusively for Brown Sheep by Melissa Leapman. Wear it year round over a t shirt, blouse or turtleneck and you are ready to go! Nice collar detail. Knit in Brown Sheep Superwash Worsted but can also be knit in Brown Sheeps Nature Spun yarn above.  Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X. Yarn requirements 7, 7, 8, 9, 10 balls. Needle size 5 and 7. I am knitting mine in Boysenberry, Yumm! 

$4.95  Quantity 


Field Trip Coat Pattern

Field Trip CoatThis easy to knit patterns is great for the beginning knitter. All the excitement in the Field Trip Coat come from the colors you choose.  Knit in Brown Sheep Nature Spun yarn. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Yarn requirements: Nature Spun Worsted in your choice of five colors, two balls each color. Size 9 needles.


$4.95  Quantity   


Aran Isle Cardigan

brown sheep knitting patternKnit in Brown Sheep Nature Spun. Designed by Diane Zangl. Traditional Aran patterns adorn these cardigans. Choose a length to fit your lifestyle- short with a tiny shawl collar or longer with a traditional silhouette. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Yarn requirements: Nature Spun Worsted in your choice of color. 5, 5, 6, 7 for short version and one additional ball is you are working the traditional style. Size 6 needles.

Hard to see in this image, we will upload a better pic soon.

$4.95  Quantity   


Brown Sheep Nature Spun Yarn is made right here in the USA!