Louet XL Standard Drum Carder


Louet XL Standard Drum Carder


Strong enclosed gears, flexible intermeshing teeth and a 12 inch carding with make this  drum carder perfect for large carding jobs. This baby is Louet's largest carder and will go a great job with all you fibers! Perfect if you have lots of fleeces to card. Almost 12 inches in Louet drum carderwidth, the Louet XL Drum Carder is huge.  Combine that with the large diameter drum that makes a batt approx. 30" by 12" and you will go thru your fleeces better than ever before.

The enclosed gearbox of this carder assures smooth operation, while the extra high, flexible, teeth allow for a heavier batt than other drum carders as well as a high carding efficiency. Since the Louet XL drum carder uses a gear drive, there are no belts to slip or wear out. Easy to use, the these carding machines have stood the test of time.  Fully assembled. Complete with two clamps, cleaning brush, doffer and instruction booklet.


- Drum is 12«" (19 cm) wide and 10«" (26.5 cm) in diameter
- Surface speed ratio is 12:1
- Teeth are spaced at 72 teeth/square inch
- Teeth are 3/8" deep (11 mm)
- Carding teeth flexible
- No pre-teasing needed
- Table clamps, doffer brush and doffer pin included

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Louet Drum Carder XL Standard  $710.00


Watch as the the Louet XL Drum Carder blends fibers



More about Louet Drum Carders...


No Need to Tease! Feed fiber directly into the licker-in (feeder drum)

Louet drum carders have a larger licker-in drum and no nlouet drum carder detaileed to adjust drums or drum placement! Louet carder teeth are longer and flexible! Louet carders eat right out of your hand!  These machines have twice as much capacity as other drum carders! These carders remove dirt from fiber as it cards and sealed gears prevent dirt and fibers from getting into the machine!

Louet has been manufacturing Drum Carders for more than 20 years for the market world wide and has never had to replace carding cloth due to wear of the carding cloth that could be attributed to the intertwining of the teeth. Again, in more than 20 years, Louet has never replaced a gearbox.


Check out these Carding Instructions for all drum carders, no matter what brand you have.



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