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Louet Julia Spinning Wheel S11 DT


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Louet Julia Spinning Wheel

The Louet Julia spinning wheel is said to be the 'mom' to Victoria.  The Julia's bobbins, flyer, and scotch tension are all the same as on the Victoria.  You will love the way this wheel looks and spins. It is a modern double treadle design constructed from naturally immaculate birch.

The bobbins for the Julia spinning wheel are the same as thelouet julia detailVictoria so you can enjoy the Louet Victoria wheel or travel to guild meetings and events and the Julia for spinning at the house or workshop. The Louet Julia spinning wheel is much more suited to plying than the Victoria but both will ply.


There are four ratios 6, 8.5,12.5 and 19 to 1.   An optional High Speed Kit, which is also the same set as the Victoria uses, provides an extra 27:1 ratio and make it easier to treadle the 19:1 on the Julia.  
Louet Julia taken apart
A removable white orifice insert provides two orifice sizes (12mm and 8mm). All rotating parts of the Louet spinning wheel run on ball bearings for smooth operation, while the wheel itself is constructed out of beech and birch plywood, smoothly lacquered.  The Julia comes with a stand-alone Lazy Kate with an adjustable brake and four bobbins. Wheels are made of laminated hardwood with a "birch" exterior finish.



This item has been discontinued by Louet


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