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Louet Elite Drum Carder

louet elite drum carder with extended tray

The Louet Elite drum carder was designed for the spinners who want to be able to perform a range of techniques on their carder. A fine (72 tpi) carding cloth makes this carder suitable for all fibers. The licker-in drum of the Elite carder has a short needle carding cloth that is spirally attached to it so it can efficiently feed a variety of fibers onto the large drum and avoids the build-up of costly fibers.

The licker-in drum can also be adjusted closer or further fromlouet-elite-drum-carder-detail the drum depending on the fibers you are carding. Two gear ratios of 1 to 6 and 1 to 9 allow you to blend different fibers with ease without fibers gulping on or getting damaged. An extra large slanted in-feed tray allows you to arrange the fibers before carding. The Elite carder is designed to do a range of tasks - it can perform the basic carding tasks for all your fleeces, it can blending colors and it can also easily blend a variety of fibers into unique batts for spinning and felting.

All Louet drum carders come complete with a doffer brush, doffer stick (for taking the fibers off the drum) two clamps and an instructional manual written by well known fiber artist Deb Menz.

Discontinued by Louet
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