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Louet David 2 Floor Loom 70 and 90

The David 2 is a nlouet david 2 loomewly designed version of the popular Louet loom. It features a newly designed beater on rails (an innovative Louet idea) and a beater with shuttle race and a wider shed.

The Louet David is a compact floor loom that takes less floor space, but still has many of the same features of a large floor loom. The David loom uses an ingenious but simple to understand system of springs and pulleys, which produces a generous wide shed with remarkably light treadling, due to a pull system that "assists" the weaver when treadling.

The Louet David floor loom has a built-in raddle (super easy to use for back to front warping) and a tool shelf on top of the castle, perfect for shuttles, bobbins etc. It comes standard with eight harnesses and tenlouet david 2 detail treadles. The tie-up is made to the metal parallel lams, which can be tied either singly or in combinations, allowing for unbalanced weaves not possible on the usual kind of sinking shed loom.

The David loom is made of lacquered beech and is partially assembled, the rest is easy to put together, following step by step instructions. The Louet David comes complete with 800 “Texsolv” heddles, a stainless steel 10 dent reed, 2 lease sticks and 16 warp sticks, plus instructions. The Louet David 2 loom now also comes with a friction brake.

Your choice of David 70, 27.5" weaving width or David 90, 35" weaving width.

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Louet 70 David 2 Floor Loom  $3200.00


Louet 90 David 2 Floor Loom  $3350.00


 Accessories for Louet David 2 Loom

Sectional Warp Beam Kit for Louet David 2

Will fit both the older and newer Louet David models


Second Back Beam for Louet David 2 Loom

Will fit both the older and newer Louet David models. Second back beams are sometimes also called double back beams. They are useful when weaving with yarns that have different fiber content or require different amounts of tension. Examples are seersucker, pique or supplementary warps.