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leclerc weavebird dobby loom

The Leclerc Weavebird dobby loom has a center closed dobby shedding mechanism. There are no jacks, no lams, no tie ups, no limitations on shaft combinations and no limitations of pattern repeats.

Two treadles, hinged from the back of the loom,
operate the shedding mechanism. Weavebird V2 controls both the rising and sinking shed so the tension on the warp threads is always uniformly even. Because part of the warp threads rise while the balance sink, the yarn stretch is minimized.

The loom has 2 treadles. The right treadle opens the shed and the left treadle closes it. Due to Leclerc's unique Shaft counter-weight design, physical stress to operate it is minimized.

The treadling effort to operate those Loom is similar to operating a 4 shaft counterbalance loom.

Why Choose the Leclerc Weavebird V2 Loom?leclerc weavbird V2 sideview

The Leclerc Weavebird V2 Dobby loom allows you to weave complex patterns while only to have to deal with two treadles. Semi production weavers or highly skilled hobby weavers will love the complex weave structures and will appreciate what this loom can do. All harnesses are controlled thru the dobby computerized system in conjunction with your separately purchased weaving software allows to to design the fabric of your dreams.

M. Kevin Burns from Ireland developed the "Weavebird" system and Leclerc designed  the necessary modifications to build a 16, 24 or 32 harness loom that is very  "Weaver Friendly" to work with and affordable in price.

All Leclerc weaving looms are made from selected kiln dried Canadian hard maple or birch, except for harness frames and a few parts that require lighter wood. Metal parts are aluminium dye cast, cast iron and steel protected by metal zinc plating.

Included with the Weavebird from Leclerc are the following:

Interface Box and connecting cables
1 Stainless Steel Reed  6, 8, 10 or 12 dents (your choice)
Inserted Eye Heddles 12½" or Texsolv or 14" for 32 shaft
1 End Feed Shuttle 6122-8000
12 Pirns 6¼" 6133-6000
1 Reed & Heddles Hooks 10 5/8" long 6140-1000
2 Wood lease sticks
4 Warp rods
Book: "Warp & Weave"
Assembly Instruction and Video
2 Years Warranty on all parts including the Interface box and Solenoids

In addition you will need software and drivers as well as a computer or laptop to weave with this loom


weavebird v2 specification table

Leclerc Weavebird     Quantity


Leclerc Weavebird Sectional Warp Beam

Sectional warp beam with 1" sections




Fast Delivery for Weavebird V2 Dobby Looms

Being produced in Canada, the Leclerc Weavebird V2 Dobby loom will ship in about 6-8 weeks instead of a few month. Leclerc manufactures a wide range of floor and table looms and weaving accessories The Weavebird V2 loom has been designed to be shipped partially disassembled per UPS, for easy delivery, rather than per freight.