Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom- Warping Frame

leclerc cendrel inkle floor loom

The Leclerc Cendrel is a large floor standing Inkle Loom that can be converted to a warping board. The Cendrel inkle loom allows you to weave bands or fabric up to 6" wide and 16 feet long. It is designed for to be used continuous string heddles which are made in minutes. The heddle length is adjustable by turning the heddle carrier.
The weaving is swift, quiet and colorful. Useful articles, such as belts, cell phone cases, key rings, guitar straps, tray-holders, etc., can be completed in an hour's weaving time. Strips can be joined for pegs, cushions, wall-hangings, etc. The warp tensioner is centrally located.

The Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom is a special order items so it will be shipped to you directly from Leclerc in about one to two weeks.
The Leclerc Cendrel can be converted to an eleclerc cendrel inkle loomfficient warping frame (warping board) with the supplied warping pegs and will hold warps up to 10 yards. This way it can double as a warping board as well as a weaving loom.
The Leclerc Cendrel Inkle loom is assembled with carriage bolts for sturdy construction. It comes with a longer base board with non-skid base for better stability. All pegs are installed with wing nuts enabling fast, easy changes.

The Leclerc Cendrel Inkle loom comes complete with one 6" and one 10" flat shuttle, 17 round pegs, 1 slot peg, 1 flat peg and assembly instructions.

This is a special order item and usually ships within one or two weeks from Leclerc in Canada

Currently not available

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