Lace Knitting Patterns

Fiber Dreams Spanish Dancer Scarf

spanish dancer lace  knitting pattern

The Spanish Dancer Scarf is knit from one end to the other. This pretty crescent scarf is sure to please. To start, increases are made on the rigspanish dancer knitting pattern detailht side every fourth row. When scarf reaches maximum width it’s knit even for a while before the decreases begin.

Stitches are then decreased until a small number of stitches remain. The entire scarf is worked in garter stitch except for the leaves. Fingering weight yarn, 450 yards. US 5 (3.75 mm) needles. 21 sts and 19 garter ridges to 4 inches in stitch pattern. 10.5 x 60 inches; 27 x 152 cm. 2 stitch markers.

Fiber Dreams Spanish Dancer Scarf  $7.95



Fiber Dreams Diamanten Scarf or Shawl

Diamanten Lace Scarf Fiber Dreams Knitting PatternsFiber Dreams Diamanten Scarf Knitting PatternsDrape yourself in lace! Based on an early 1900 German knitting pattern, this updated designs to uses both left- and right-leaning decreases, a modern method of denoting the stitches in the charts.  Since the design was inspired by German knitting techniques, the pattern was named Diamanten, which is German for Diamonds. Both scarf and shawl are knit from the cast on edge straight through to the bind off edge. Lace weight, 350 [910] yards.
US 5 (3.75 mm), or size required for gauge. 16 sts and 25 rows to 4 inches (10 cm) in stitch pattern, blocked. 11 x 61 [24 x 72] inches; 28 x 155 [61 x 183] cm.


Fiber Dreams Diamanten Scarf or Shawl  $7.95


Fiber Dreams Tilia Shawl

Fiber Dreams Tila Shawl Knitting PatternFiber Dreams Tilia Shawl Knitting Pattern detailFiber Dreams Tilia Shawl Knitting Pattern for the backThis knitting pattern is named for the leaves and flowers of trees in the Tilia genus, commonly referred to as linden, lime (not to be confused with the citrus), and basswood. This awesome shawl is knit from the border up to the top edge. Decreases worked on all right-side rows shape the garment into a triangle as it is knit. To finish, 10 stitches are grafted together; no stitches are bound off. The nupps were added for texture, and the delight in making them. They can be omitted or replaced with beads (instructions included), if desired. Lace weight, 800 yards. US 5 (3.75 mm)
Approximately 850 no. 8 seed beads instead of nupps, optional.
Diamond motif 2¼ x 2¼ inches (5.7 x 5.7 cm), blocked
66½ x 36½ inches (169 x 93 cm)

Fiber Dreams Tilia Shawl  $7.95



Fiber Trends Angel Lace Shawl

Angel lace shawl knitting patternKnit from the top center down this versatile shawl pattern from Fiber Trends can be knit in a variety of sizes as well as yarn gauges. Small eyelet circles are surrounded by wings of swirling stockinette stitch to create a host of angels on this triangular shawl.

This shawl is a wonderful reminder of all the angels in our lives -- winged or otherwise -- and makes a comforting gift. Can be knit in lace, fingering, sport/dk or worsted weight yarn. Yarn requirements in fingering weight Merino Gems yarn:  5 skeins


Fiber Trends Angel Lace Shawl  $6.95


Fiber Trends Edged in Lace

edged in lace pattern - fiber trends lace knitting pattern


This one is an easy to knit pattern! Simple garter stitch square knit in the round from the center out and then bound off in your choice of four different lace edgings. It can be made in many different weights of yarn to any size desired. Great for beginning knitters.

Fiber Trends Edged in Lace  $6.95




Fiber Trends Spirit of the Southwest Shawl

spirit of the southwest lace shawl pattern -fiber trends knitting pattern

designed by Evelyn E Clarke

This Fiber Trends shawl inspired by her trip to New Mexico. Butterflies flutter in the sunlight above mountains, rows of corn and a river where nearby rabbits play in the grass. Surrounded by an edging of squash blossoms. Knitting yarn requirements: 1200yds lace weight yarn.

Fiber Trends Spirit of the Southwest Shawl  $6.95




Fiber Trends Spinners Lace Shawl

spinners lace shawl - fiber trends lace knitting patternThis reversible garter stitch lace shawl celebrates Arachne from Greek mythology and Spider Woman from Hopi and Navajo legends. Ancient symbols embraced by spinners, as well as weavers, lace makers and other needle artists. The shawl looks great in a wide variety of sizes and weights of yarns. Yarn requirements for sport weight yarn: 600 yards.

Fiber Trends Spinners Lace Shawl  $6.95



Cocoon Lace Scarf & Wrap

Cocoon Lace Wrap and Shawl pattern - fiber trends 

Puffy cocoons outlined by waving knit stitches. On the opposite side, purl sts outline the cocoons giving a different, but equally attractive look and a reversible fabric. 400 to 450 yards of lace weight yarn for scarf, 800 to 900 yards of lace weight yarn for shawl.

Cocoon Lace Scarf & Wrap   $5.95




Flower Basket Lace Shawl & Scarf  

flower basket lace knitting pattern - fiber trends pattern

This Fiber Trends pattern one of my favorite triangle shawl pattern! Knit from the center back neck down, ending in a simple scalloped edging. Instructions given for four weights of yarn and three sizes.

This pattern can be knit in lace, fingering, sport/dk or worsted weight yarn. Yarn requirements in fingering weight Merino Gems yarn:  5 skeins. Or just use your handspun yarn. :-)

Flower Basket Lace Shawl & Scarf    $6.95


Estonian Garden Wrap & Scarf

Yes! We know you love Estonian Garden Lace Shawl pattern - Fiber Trends knitting patterngorgeous lace!!! Traditional Estonian lace stitches create a garden with rows of small flowers bordered by lily of the valley and edged in a scalloped trellis.

Lace weight yarn. Knitting instructions are written and in form of a chart as well. Wrap: 19" x 66", 848 yards lace weight yarn. Scarf: 10" x 66", 485 yards lace weight yarn.

Size 5 needles, gauge  5.5 st/ 1". Alternate yarn recommendation calls for fingering weight yarn. Knit this wrap in Gems Merino yarn, 5 skeins. From Fiber Trends.

Estonian Garden Wrap & Scarf  $6.95


Shoalwater Shawl

Showlwater Shawl knitting pattern - Fiber Trends Knitting Patterns

Old Shale lace creates ripples across this simple triangular shawl. Instructions for 4 weights of yarn. Shown in Cherub from Wool In the Woods. Knitting instructions are written and in form of a chart as well. Yarn requirements: 1200yds lace weight, or 1400 yds fingering weight, or 1150 yds sport weight, or 850 yds dk or worsted weight

Shoalwater Shawl  $6.95



The Sheep Shawl  

sheep shawl lace knitting pattern - fiber trends pattern

This Fiber Trends pattern evokes a pattern reminiscent of sunshine rippling down on a village surrounded by orchards, sunflowers, and sheep.

1200 yards lace weight yarn, Needles size 5 and 7.

The Sheep Shawl   $6.95


Pacific Northwest Shawl

Pacific Northwest Shawl knitting pattern - Fiber Trends Knitting Patterns

Seagulls, evergreen trees, sand dollars, water, fish and shells are all depicted in lace on this garter stitch shawl.

Knit from the center neck edge down, the sides are finished with the lace shell edging, and the top is edged with I-cord.

Knitting instructions are written and in form of a chart as well. Yarn requirements: 1100 yards lace weight yarn. Fiber Trends.

Pacific Northwest Shawl  No longer available



Seascape Shawl

Seascape Shawl knitting pattern

Cone shells, sand dollars, scallops, and starfish can be seen in the shallows by the waves of the sea on this lacy, semi-circular shawl knit in lace weight yarn. A Fiber Trends pattern.

Seascape Shawl   No longer available


Leaf Lace Shawl

 Leaf Lace Shawl knitting pattern - lace knitting pattern

One of my all time favorite shawls! Stunning lacy triangle shawl with all over leaf design. Instructions for 2 sizes in four weights of yarn. Easy to read charts. Can be knit in lace, fingering, sport/dk or worsted weight yarn. Yarn requirements in fingering weight Merino Gems yarn:  5 skeins

Leaf Lace Shawl   $6.95


Lace Moebius Scarf

Lace Moebius knitting pattern 

Design by Sarah Hauschka.

Intriguing to knit, this geometric oddity makes a beautiful, yet functional scarf that can be worn in many ways. 450 yards fingering weight yarn, needle size 7.

Lace Moebius Scarf  $5.95




Fiber Trends Versatile Scarves

Fiber Trends Knitting Patterns

Spruce up your wardrobe! Three easy to knit versions in multiple gauges. Simple shaping creates a neck hugging scarf with ties long enough to drape, knot, or pin. Includes instructions for garter stitch scarf, Triple Eyelet Border Scarf, and Eyelet Scarf.

Can be knit in fingering, sport, DK or worsted weight yarn! You will need about 200 yards for any of these cute patterns.

Fiber Trends Versatile Scarves  $5.95


Fiber Trends The Landscape Shawl & Scarf


The Landscape Shawl knitting pattern from Fiber TrendsRows of eyelets separate chevrons of garter, seed, stockinette, moss and reverse stockinette stitches, creating a landscape of patterns on this shawl and scarf. This reversible design shows off the beauty of any yarn.  Classic triangle shape knit from the point up. Can be knit in lace weight, fingering, sport, DK or worsted weight yarn. Yarn requirements for fingering weight yarn such as Merino Gems: 1075 yards.

Fiber Trends The Landscape Shawl & Scarf  $6.95



Leaf Lace Socks

leaf lace sock knitting pattern from Fiber Trends

Design by Evelyn A. Clark

Step in style! These lacy leaf socks could be made to match the leaf color of any season. Pattern is a variation of Barbara Walker's Veined Leaf Panel. Knit in sock weight yarn.

350 yards sock weight yarn, gauge: 8 stiches /1" size 5 DP needles. A Fiber Trends pattern.

Leaf Lace Socks  $5.95


Fiber Trends  Lupine Lace Socks

lupine lace socks knitting patternPretty and so soft socks for your feet! Flowers bloom around a stem of decreases and ribs create vertical lines.

Great in fingering weight yarn such as Merino Gems. Yarn requirements: 3 skeins per pair of socks. Fiber Trends.

Fiber Trends  Lupine Lace Socks  $5.95


Fiber Trends Bathtime Blossoms

Bathtime Blossoms Fiber Trend Knitting Patterns

You don't have to wait for warm weather to brighten a bath with flowers. These washcloths and matching soap sacks feature garter stitch lace blossoms that look great all year. The round washcloths are worked back and forth in short row wedges.

The soap sacks are knit flat and seamed. Combine these lacy pieces with a fragrant bar of soap for a wonderful gift that will be sure to bring you a bouquet of compliments.


Fiber Trends Bathtime Blossoms  $5.95