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The Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel

kromski polonaise spinning wheel

A stunning spinning whekromski polonaise spinning wheelel! The Kromski Polonaise has the look of wheels from the Baltic area of Poland and Scandinavia. This will be a plus for spinners wanting the "real thing" and for the growing community of re-enactors. The amount of decorative turning on the Polonaise spinning wheel is substantial, making it a sight to behold. The picture shows a Polonaise with the mahogany finish. The level of detail and turning is breathtaking.  No other wheel being made today comes close to this level of detail.

You could pay a lot more for other wheels and still not have the beauty of this Kromski spinning wheel. The Polonaise features functional wood threaded wheel angle adjustments so the proper angle can be obtained with the flyer. “Pin and socket” bearings support the wheel, offering low friction and exceptional ease of treadling. All kromski polonaise detail showing hubof the wheel hardware sits between the wheel posts and the footman passes through the bench to the treadle. Spinning wheels designed this way are sometimes also called a Norwegian style.

Kromski Polnaise spinning wheel clear finishKromski Polnaise walnut finishThe Polonaise spinning wheel is made with European alder and birch and comes standard with double drive and scotch tensioning.

Additional specifications: wheel diameter - 24", orifice height - 25", bobbin size - full 4 oz.; 3 included, also includes threading hook, tensioned Kate and bottle of spinning wheel oil,

Ratios: 8, 12, 16 and 20 to 1; two whorls included, oil impregnated bearings on bobbins and treadle; leather bearings on flyer.

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unfinished-$720.00          Clear finish - $760.00 

Walnut finish -$799.00     Mahogany finish $799.00  


Kromski Spinning Wheel Deal

Choose ONE with purchase!

Jumbo Flyer and Jumbo Bobbin for only $55.00...a $110.95 value
FREE: Two Extra Bobbins that match your wheel
FREE: Two Pounds of Polish Merino ready for spinning (sorry, you can not pick colors)
FREE: Fast Whorl + Slow Whorl + Niddy Noddy

detail of kromski polonaise flyer with yarn

Kromski Polonaise flyer detail with yarn


Kromski Polonaise Assembly Instructions

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