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The Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel

kromski fantasia spinning wheel

The Kromski Fantasia is light weight and has a sleek modern design. The "swoosh" on the wheel is not only decorative, but also balances the drive wheel ensuring that on treadle is always down when you stop treadling, so it is easier for you to start the wheel spinning with only your feet. Changingfantasia flyer detail bobbins is easy- the front of the flyer simply pulls off - no drive band to deal with! A rare earth magnet inside the flyer makes it possible. Both the flyer and the wheel of the Fantasia spin on sealed ball bearings for a truly smooth feel.

The ratios of 5 & 8 to 1 make the Kromski Fantasia spinning wheel is perfect for the beginning spinner! Additional whorls are available separately. The Fantasia is made of European alder, birch and has a MDF wheel. (finished models have an MDF wheel faced with veneer) Available in clear or walnut finish or unfinished.

The Kromski Fantasia comes complete with three bobbins, built-in lazy kate, threading hook, oil bottle and instructions. FREE shipping! FREEbies with purchase of clear or walnut finished Fantasia! kromski fantasia unfinished

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Unfinished (Sorry no FREEBIE)  $399.95                 
Clear Finish, with walnut accent   $525.95
Walnut Finish, with clear accent   $525.95           kromski fantasia spinning wheel with walnut finish
Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel Deal

Choose ONE FREEBIE with purchase!

Two Extra Whorls for Fantasia  Two Extra Bobbins 
Ring Orifice Kit, description below 


Kromski Fantasia Ring Orifice Kit

fantasia ring orfice kit

Spin thick and chunky yarns with this little kit. Kromski has added an option for the Fantasia that lets you spin and ply jumbo size yarn without the added exfantasia jumbo ring orfice kitpense of a jumbo flyer/bobbin. The orifice ring easily attaches to the regular orifice, and the jumbo hooks are used in lieu of the original sliding hooks and fixed hooks at the back of the flyer (just remove the fixed hook; the new hooks will be used for all of your spinning).

Kromski Ring Orifice and Sliding Hook Kit   $21.95

Kromski Fantasia Whorls

kromski fantasia whorl

Additional whorls for the Kromski Fantasia provide higher ratios for spinning finer yarns. Choose your color and ratio.

10 + 14:1, Unfinished $22.95           18 + 20:1, Unfinished $22.95
10 + 14:1, Clear Finish $22.95         18 + 20:1, Clear Finish $22.95
10 + 14:1, Walnut Finish $22.95      18 + 20:1, Walnut Finish $22.95


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