Knitting Patterns for Felting


Fiber Trends The Sheep Tote

knitting pattern for felting - Fiber TrendsFun sheep decorate these tote bags! Knit and then felt them. Instructions for both the small or large size included. Add as many pockets as you need. Sheep are needle felted after bag is complete and attached. These totes are great for your knitting projects as well as travel, shopping or an everyday carryall.

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Fiber Trends Belt Pouches and Belt

felt pouches and belt bags patterns

Choose from several bag styles and closures, these fun little bags will knit up fast and then are felted. You have to have more than just one. Perfect for gift giving too! Felt bag requires about 140yards of worsted weight yarn, pouch requires between 75 and 250 yards depending on size.

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Fiber Trends Felt Purses and Shoulder Bags

felt purses and shoulder bags pattern for knitting and feltingSlightly larger bag variation than above, these fun knit-to-felt purses and bags offer room for all the little necessities of life! Depending on style, these bagsrequire between 140 and 200 yards of worsted weight yarn.

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maggies felted tote pattern for knitting and felting

Fiber Trends Maggie's Felt Tote

Design by Maggie Simms

Maggie's Felt Tote is an easy to knit and felt multi colored bag. It is a great mid sized bag made in worsted weight or bulky weight (for a larger carryall). Requires a total of 645 yards worsted weight yarn, or 875 yards of bulky weight yarn for lager size. Or just use up your stash!

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  pattern for knitted and felted bag

Fiber Trends Fabulous Felt Totes 

by Leigh Radford.

Fabulous Felt Totes can be knit and felted even by the beginning knitter! Instructions for three sizes included. Easy to knit, decorate with leftover novelty yarn.

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Night on the Town felt pattern

Fiber Trends Night on the Town

Fancy little evening bags and cell phone/eyeglass holder. Novelty yarns are felted in with the wool. Choose the size of purse that will hold your necessities for a night on the town. Make a small cell phone/eyeglass holder to match your purse or to use alone. It is just large enough to slip ID and lip gloss in along with your phone or glasses. Yarn requirements for purse: 100 to135 yards worsted weight yarn, plus 55 to 99 yards novelty yarn.

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Crocheted Basket pattern - Fiber Trends Patterns

Fiber Trends Crocheted Felt Rug & Baskets  

Design by Bev Galeskas

How about a crochet and felt project for your home? Easy weekend projects in super bulky yarn. Rugs pattern for two sizes included : approx. 22"x 36" and 27" x 42". Baskets: 5" deep x 11" diameter and 6" deep by 13" diameter     

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Crochet Felt Boot Slippers pattern - Fiber trends

Fiber Trends Crochet Felt Boot Slippers

Quick and easy to crochet and felt, these felt slippers have double soles for extra comfort and wear. Decorate with easy needle felted sheep design. Various sizes for men and women included.

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Crochet felt slipper pattern from Fiber trends

Fiber Trends Crochet Felt Ballet Slippers  

Okay, so this is a crochet pattern rather than a knitting pattern! Give it a try! These easy, crocheted felt slippers will make you feel like dancing. Double soles give added comfort and longer wear. Requires 330 yards worsted weight yarn for size 7-8. Pattern is written for sizes 5-10.

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felted slipper pattern from Fiber Trends

Fiber Trends Family Classis Felt Slippers

These classic slippers will knit up fast, you will find everyone in the family wanting a pair. This knit and felt pattern offers a wide range of sizes! Requires between 200 and 500 yards of worsted weight yarn, depending on size. Sizes range from 5 to 12" in length. (Not shoe size)

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Crocheted Felt Slippers for Children

Fiber Trends Crocheted Felt Slippers

For children. Double soles for extra comfort and warmth. Fits feet up to 8" long. Crocheted in worsted weight yarn. Yarn requirements for 8" slippers is 290 yards for main color and 50 yards for contrast color.

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knit to felt pattern

Fiber Trends Felted Ballet Slippers

Cute, cute and cute! You have to have more than just one pair! Knit and felt in women's and children's sizes. Worsted weight. Size 10-1/2 needle. Yarn requirements for 10" slippers is 300 yards.

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Winter in the City felt pattern

Fiber Trends Winter in the City

Knit and felt hat and muff. Go in style with this unusual set. Fun winter set to cuddle into. Yarn requirements for hat: about 345 yards worsted weight yarn that felts easily and 90 yards of furry novelty yarn.

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Fiber Trends Felt Hat II

felt hat pattern from Fiber trends Looking for a quick knit project? This lighter weight felt hat is made in a single strand of worsted weight yarn. Knit in three sizes: child, small and large adult. Yarn requirements for large adult:340 yards worsted weight yarn for wide brim hat, less for narrow brim hat.

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Cute! Fiber Trends Bunny Fun

Bunny Fun.jpg (49636 bytes)These bunnies and quick and easy to knit and felt. Yarn requirements approximately 220 yards worsted weight yarn for solid bunny. Fronts of ears and bottoms of feet require about 30 yards of contrasting color if desired.

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Fiber Trends The Marigold BearsMarigold bears felt pattern

These adorable bears are just too cute! Larger knit-to-felt bears with their clothes attached. Includes "bear size" felt hat pattern. Requires about 450 yards of worsted weight yarn for solid color bear, size 10-1/2 needle.

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Fiber Trends Felting Patterns

Fiber Trends  Baby Bears

Little knit and felt teddy bears and a felt hat in just their size. Fun birth announcement certificate in each pattern. Requires about 200 yards of worsted weight yarn for solid color bear, size 10 or 10-1/2 needle.

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Fiber Trends A Felted Flock

a felt flock - felt pattern  

This one is just for fun! Cute knit and felted flock of sheep are simply adorable. You HAVE to knit more than one! Yarn Requirements: 165 yards worsted weight yarn for main color, 25 yards for contrast color.

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Fiber Trends Felt Birdhouses Felt Bird Houses222.jpg (53468 bytes)

Felting is hot! Whimsical round birdhouses are fun and easy to knit and felt. They will add a cheerful accent to any room in your house. 11" to 13" tall in bulky weight yarn. Use worsted weight yarn for small birdhouses, bulky weight for large birdhouses. 195 yards bulky weight yarn for 11" birdhouse. 

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