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 john day inkle loom with belt shuttle

Weave colorful bands on an Inkle loom!  Inkle looms are easy to learn to weave on and great for workshops or classes. The John Day inkle loom is versatile and fun to weave with!

You can weave warp faced belts, cell phone cases, small bags,  bands, guitar straps, ribbons, trims, edgings and more! By choosingmultiple inkle loom bands your own colors and designs you can weave infinite variations of warp faced patterns.

An inkle loom is a must have for every weaver. Weave bands up to 4" wide and up to 8.5 feet long. Adjustable tension. Solid maple or birch construction with tung oil finish. Complete with belt shuttle and instructions. Made in Oregon.

Examples of simple inkle loom bands shown to right. More complex patterns as well as basic instructions about inkle weaving can be found in The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory.

$85.00   Quantity

John Day Belt Shuttle

john day belt shuttle for inkle weaving

Johns Day belt shuttle for all brands of Inkle looms or back strap loom. Poplar hard wood with tung oil finish

$13.95   Quantity

What is Inkle Loom Weaving?

Inkle weaving is a type of warp-faced weaving where the shed is created by manually raising or lowering the warp yarns, some of which are held in place by fixed heddles on a loom known as an inkle loom. It was brought to the United States in the 1930s, but predates this by many centuries in other countries. The term "Inkle" simply means "ribbon" or "tape".


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