Harrisville Weaving Looms

Harrisville 22/4 or 22/8 Loom Kit - The Budget Friendly Loom Option

harrisville 22 inch floor loomIf you’re looking for a compact, easily portable loom at a great price, the Model with its 22 inch weaving widhts is for you!

Buy it as a loom kit and save even more $$$$

FREE shipping on all Harrisville floor looms. As one of the most popular workshop weaving looms on the market, the versatile little 22 inch Harrisville loom is ideal if you want a somewhat portable loom, but still the convenience of a four harness loom. The Harrisville Design floating parallel lamms and unique tie-up system using “snap chains” make it a breeze to set-up. The suspended harnesses allow for a smoother, quieter action and won’t break fine warp threads as easily as stationary harnesses can. The Harrisville 22 inch floor loom weaves a full 22 inches and comes with 4 harnesses and 6 treadles and the 8 harness version comes with 10 treadle.

It can be folded with the warp in place without disengaging the tie-up. All Harrisville 22 inch weaving looms are also equipped with wheels for easy transporting. All Harrisville looms are made with the finest hardwoods and have an adjustable beater to accommodate reeds of different lengths and widths. The rear friction brake allows for infinite tension control. The Harrisville 22 inch loom is expertly designed and crafted keeping durability, portability, and economy in mind. Please choose a reed when ordering your loom! Loom shown with optional tool tray

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Please choose a reed when ordering the loom above.


Harrisville 36/4 or 36/8 Loom Kit

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A larger version of the looharrisville weaving loom - floor loomm at the top of the page, this Harrisville loom has everything most weavers will ever need. The Harrisville 36/4 has a full 36" weaving width, floating lamm system and quick multiple tie-up system using “snap chains”. The four harness, 6 treadle combination make the Harrisville T/6 both convenient and versatile. Complex treadling patterns are simple to set up and easy to weave.

This Harrisville loom has a friction brake for excellent tension control and an adjustable beater to accommodate reeds of different heights and widths. The suspended harnesses make the jack-action light, quiet, smooth and rhythmical - the way it should be.

All Harrisville floor looms are expertly crafted using the finest hardwood and designed with the same economy, portability, and durability as the Model 22 inch. Choose from four harness loom or eight harness loom. Loom shown with optional tool tray.

FREE shipping in the continental US!

Also available as an  8 harness , 10 treadle loom.


Please choose a reed when ordering the loom above!


What is a Harrisville Loom Kit?

A Harrisville Design loom kit means that you will receive your loom unassembled and in assorted pieces. Each loom kit is carefully packed and shipped, so that it is delivered with all parts included and all tools necessary. Harrisville loom kits will require a light sanding and oiling, both oil and sandpaper are included. All nuts, bolts, screws are labeled and easy-to-follow instructions are provided. Harrisville Design guarantees that anyone can build a floor loom from their kits. No previous knowledge of looms or skills in carpentry are necessary. Average assembly time is 5 hours, the record stands at 34 minutes.

Why assemble my Harrisville floor loom?

Assembling you Harrisville Design loom will not only save you money, it will also allow you to become familiar with the working of your Harrisville loom. This will enable you to understand your floor loom better, not be intimidated by it's complexity, and ultimately become a better weaver.