Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Brittany double pointed birch knitting needles

Brittany Birch Double Point Knitting Needles

Brittany Double Pointed Knitting Needles are crafted from selected Birch wood. They are never cold to the touch and will not snag your yarn. 
Brittany knitting needles are crafted for you right here in the US from renewable resources. Treat yourself to Brittany knitting needles!

Brittany Double Point Needles   Quantity


Clover Bamboo Double Point Knitting Needlesclover knitting needles

Clover Takumiclover double pointed knitting needles double point bamboo knitting needles have a tapered, round point that never splits the yarn. They are smooth to the touch and become even smoother to the touch the more you knit with them. Clover Takumi bamboo knitting needles are 60% lighter than aluminum knitting needles of the same size, so your hand doesn't tire even after long hours of knitting. Needle thickness is important because it determines stitch size.

You can be sure that every "Takumi" bamboo double point knitting needle with the same size will be of the exact same thickness and shape. Single pointed, double pointed, and circular needles with the same number and size can be used interchangeably - the result will always be beautiful, uniform stitches.

Clover Takumi double point knitting needles offer the same smooth tips and benefits as the Clover Single Point knitting needles. Set of 5 per size, 7 inch length.


About Clover Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles...

The building of a Clover knitting needle begins with selecting only the choicest natural bamboo from Japan. Not all bamboo is the same. Clover uses bamboo from cold climates. These bamboo trees are hard and highly resistant to bending, making them most suitable for Clover Bamboo Knitting Needles. Additionally, the bamboo comes from regions with the least amount of snowfall to avoid those stems that have been bent or damaged by weight of the snow. All this makes these knitting needles superior in quality and a pleasure to knit with.


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