Baynes Spinning Wheels

Sorry Baynes Spinning Wheels are on longer being produced

Baynes double treadle spinning wheel

Handcrafted in New Zealand, by "skilled Craftsmen for Crafts People", Baynes spinning wheels offer a lot of value. These castle style spinning wheels feature a patented flyer allows you to change bobbins quickly and easily without even having to remove the drive band. perfect for the beginning spinner. Long life graphite bearings and the precise placement of the treadle allows for smooth "hebaynes spinning wheelel and toe" action, therefore reducing the strain on your ankle. Scotch tension flyer has the ratio of 5 and 7:1, OR 9 and 11:1. All wheels include four 5 oz bobbins, a built-in lazy kate, threading hook, two stretchy drive bands and maintenance kit and operating instructions. Choose from single or double treadle, unfinished, clear finish or medium dark finish. Remember: Baynes spinning wheels are easy to use and easy to take along! Baynes Spinning Wheels are made in Ashburton, New Zealand. Technical data: 16" diameter wheel, 31" from floor to orfice, 16 pounds packed in box

Baynes spinning wheels are guaranteed for two years for all parts, materials and workmanship!



Bayenes Jumbo Flyers and Bobbins


 Baynes spinning wheels are value priced and are the ideal wheel for beginning and experienced spinners.