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Ashford Katie Loom 8 Harnessashford katie loom


Looking for a folding eight harness loom? The Ashford Katie Loom is the perfect folding table loom for workshops, sampling, travel and fun. This loom is portable – easy to fold and pack and at the same time lets you explore the world of weaving with eight harnesses so you can weave complex patterns. The Katie loom is compact, it has a 12 in weaving width.  It is light weight, only 14¼lbs and offers smooth levers and an auto bounce back overhead beater. The Ashford Katie loom is easy to thread – the beater flips up & out of the way. With eight harnesses packed into a nice small table loom you truly have unlimited possibilities. 

This Ashford Table Loom comes completely assembled with a lacquer finish and includes: 10 dpi stainless steel reed, 320 texsolv heddles, for quiet weaving, two lacquered stick shuttles, threading hooks, step-by-step instruction booklet, and study padded carry bag. Just add yarn! Find out more details about the awesome Ashford Katie Looms directly from the manufacturer.

Ashford Katie Loom Regular $1105.00    Sale $1075.00

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