Ashford Jack Loom- 8 Harness Floor Loom

The Ashford Floor Loom is Back! Redesigned with great new features!

ashford 8 harness jack loom

Want more harnesses? Check out the redesigned Ashford Jack Loom.

This Ashford floor loom kit offers 8 harnesses so you weave even complex patterns. A wide 38" weaving width allows you to weave wider projects with ease.

The built-in raddle with cap-rail helps you warp the Ashford jack loom from front to back, without having to purchase a separate raddle.

The built-in shelf above the castle is convenient for setting down shuttles, bobbins or your favorite weaving pattern. Quiet smooth paralall lamms and a wide shed.

Removable front beam for easy threading.  Back beam can be folded in with or without warp for easy transport. Bottom hinged beater with shuttle race. ashford 8 harness jack loom

The Ashford jack loom kit comes complete with 12 dent stainless steel reed, 100 texsolv heddles per shaft (for a total of 800) and one wooden boat shuttle. Solid silver beech wood with clear lacquer finish

Ashford Jack Loom     $2995


ashford jack loom raddle detail

Ashford Jack loom with raddle and cap rail detail. No need to buy a raddle, the loom already comes with one!




Watch how Kate from Ashford warps and weaves on the Ashford Jack loom




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