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Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel


The Ashford Elizabeth 2 is designed beautifully for ashford elizabeth 2 spinning wheeleffortless treadling and spinning. This is the prettiest of all Ashford spinning wheel models and reminds me of a "Fairy Tale" spinning wheel. It will be your treasure for years to come!


The Ashford Elizabeth 2 is a double drive wheel and has both, a traditional Saxony style sloped styling as well as great spinning capability. A 24" diameter drive wheel allows for lots of momentum even for spinning fine yarns. The Ashford Elizabeth 2 also has ball bearings for smooth effortless treadling. Includes four bobbins, lazy kate, threading hook and instructions. FREE shipping & Freebies!


Spinning Wheel Specifications: Wheel diameter 61cm (24ins), Orifice 1cm (⅜ins), Bobbin capacity 100gm (3-4oz), ashford elizabeth 2 spinning wheelRatios 8.5, 11, 15, Weight 9kg (20lbs)








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 Ashford Elisabeth 2  (Unfinished)     $1055.00          


Ashford Elisabeth 2  (Lacquer Finish)    $1235.00          


Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel Special

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