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Ashford Electric Spinner 2

ashford electric spinner 2 with lazy kate and bobbins

New design, lower price! If you are planning to spin large amounts of yarn, perhaps for a small cottage industry, or if you have trouble treadling, the Ashford Electric Spinner 2 is your best choice.
This  electric spinning wheel is very easy to use and very portable. No treadling, just let this spinner do the work for you, all you have to do is draft the fibers. The quiet, direct drive 12V motor lets you spin a variety of yarns, anything from fine, medium or thick and chunkyashford electric spinner details yarns. And because it is so compact it can travel with you wherever you go. The Ashford Electric Spinner 2 comes complete with a sliding jumbo hook flyer, 3 large jumbo bobbins and lazy kate with yarn guide, power pack, cord and interchangeable outlet.

Solid Silver beech wood. Assembled & lacquered. Orifice diameter is 1.5cm (5/8”), Motor 12volt DC 1.25amp
Speed 0-1500rpm, Bobbin capacity 225g (8oz)
Power supply 110 or 220 volts, Weight 2.8kg (6lbs)
Find out what the manufacturer Ashford Handicrafts has to say about their new Ashford Electric Spinner 2.

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Ashford Electric Spinner $750.00     


Ashford Electric Spinner 2 Spinning Wheel Special

Please choose - FREE with Purchase

12 V Adaptor Cord (see description below) and a Niddy Noddy 
32 ounces of Dyed Merino wool top for spinning (sorry you can not pick color(s)


Ashford 12 V Adaptor Cord

12 v adaptor cord

Get your Electric Spinner off the grid. With this 12 V adaptor you can spin just about anywhere.

$35.95 Quantity  

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